Seed of Chucky

I have never watched any of the Child’s Play movies, never been terrified of my toys coming to life to murder me.  What a deprived child.
Anyway, Seed of chucky was pretty good!  It is really a comedy with a few deaths thrown in.  Chucky and his wife Tiffany had a child (yes, they are dolls that breed) who is in England being touted as a ventriloquist dummy, when he is really “alive”.  The guy who uses him as a dummy is an angry fellow that wants the dummy (his name is Shitface) to be mean.  S-Face though, is actually quite nice and manages to escape.  He flys to Hollywood to find his parents, he saw them on TV so knew where to look.  When he meets his parents the poor thing becomes gender-confused as he has no bits.  Chucky wants a boy so calls him Glen, Tiffany wants a girl so calls his Glenda.  Glen/da doesn’t seem to mind and is happy being both.  Jennifer Tilly plays herself in this film and this makes up the comedy bulk of the film.  The dolls all live in her house and plan on taking over her body.  Mayhem naturally follows.  This was suprisingly amusing, 3/5