I Prefer Lime Jelly

Saw the largest jellyfish I have ever seen today. As if it wasn’t hard enough to get in the sea with its less than pleasant temperature!



With gale force winds and rain forecast I envisioned our trip to Moeraki to be largely spent indoors. In fact we had quite the opposite, apart from a blustery late afternoon.
We visited the reserve by the lighthouse and discovered the field that grows sea lions; took the dog for a walk up the Millenium Track to where the whalers used to look out for whales until they killed most of them off. We dined on fish at the World famous Fleur’s restaurant. So. Much. Fish.
In the afternoon we read magazines in the sun, then when the weather took a turn, watched the worst movie ever – High Freakquency. (Seriously bad, the story, the acting, the sound quality, the camera work; heck the cover even has a photo from ANOTHER FILM on it (Friday). Avoid. What a waste of 12c to buy it).
In the evening we squeezed more food into our full bellies at the tavern where I sampled Moeraki Draught.
A great, relaxing weekend and only an hour from home.

Let the Swimming Lessons Resume!

What a great day! It was sunny, hot and there was no wind; I had plenty to do at work AND got home early. Then we went to the beach and Tobias reluctantly joined us in the sea.

Tobias is a dog who plays by his own rules. His best friend is a cat. He has no clue why you would throw a stick. He gets you to throw a ball for him but rarely brings it back. He also detests water and will go around puddles lest he get wet feet.

Mr Pigalina perseveres with trying to get Tobias over his phobia and there are times, when he is playing with other dogs and distracted, that he is oblivious as to how much water he is standing in. Swimming lessons last year consisted of us standing on the other side of a stream so he had no choice but to swim across to join us. So far this year the poor boy has been carried into the sea and plonked into the water at winky depth. Poor dog.

365 day photo challenge April 1

Mr Pigalina and I took the dog to the beach with the intention of sitting and maybe having a paddle. We were there less than 5 minutes before Mr Pigalina spotted two girls a long way out at sea indicating that they were in trouble. What was supposed to be a leisurely stroll turned into a rescue operation involving 2 policemen, a helicopter, a boat, 2 surfers and a lady in her undies with a child’s bodyboard. All ended well but I had no camera with me (6 devices capable of taking photos all at home!!) so you will have to settle for this photo of my, fabulous, artistic rendition. And no, the tale is not an April fools.