One Man’s Trash…

Combined garage sale at Mummy and Daddy Pigalina’s. Apparently in my teenage years I had thought that this kettle and cosy would one day look lovely in my future home. I was so attached to it that I forgot all about it until my sister found it amongst the junk for the garage sale.
Seemingly 9am means 6am to some dedicated garage sale patrons. Dunno why they didn’t buy my kettle.


365 day photo challenge May 25

As a person who, as a child, dreamed of having her own library room at home I look forward to the 24 hour book sale every year. However my loyalty is waning – they have started to get greedy. Gone are the days when all of the books were 50 cents and I would spend a couple of hours selecting 40 books for my self-imposed $20 limit. A couple of years ago they increased the price to $1 per book. All of the books are donated to them and the sale is staffed by volunteers.

There has always been a few books that cost more in a special section but imagine my rage when I went today and practically any decent book was in the specially priced section. I bought one for $6 today and my total haul was a measly 9 books. Greedy, greedy Regent theatre! Good luck shifting the Pam Ayres collection I see there year after year.