Don’t Know How to Title This One

Today three people working at a branch of my work were shot. Two are now dead. A man walked into the office with a shotgun and fired at them. He then fled and hid from police for most of the day. He is now in police custody, recovering from dog bites.
Two people went to work this morning and are not going home. At least not as they should be.

What makes me most angry, upset, bemused, is that there are people online making snide comments that it was inevitable or justified because we work for a government agency. One even said that he should have taken more people out.

I hate people sometimes, and in this case the ignorant f*cks who think they are being funny or clever sit higher on my list than the gun man. Think about what you are saying. Those women are daughters, sisters, mums, aunties, grandmas, wives, cousins and friends.

My workmates are fantastic, dedicated people and we stick together. Even though this happened in another town we stand with them and it is because of this that the stupid attitudes of outsiders will be but annoying blips on the radar. Stay strong Ashburton.


Walking Dead Game, How Do You Do It?

Oh. My. Goodness.
I have just finished the final episode of the Walking Dead game season two.
They managed to make me cry again – though nothing can top the finale of Season 1 – it turns out I cared more than I thought for those I went through season two with than I thought.
And what the hell chapter 5? Two awful decisions?
Bring on season three.
(Pictured – eye, sad, post chapter five).

Thanks for the Laughs

And all the grown-ups will say, “But why are the kids crying?” And the kids will say, “Haven’t you heard? Rick is dead! The People’s Poet is dead!” And then one particularly sensitive and articulate teenager will say, “Other kids, do you understand nothing? How can Rick be dead when we still have his poems?”

We’ll always have “Pollution”.


Today was the funeral for the two children of our workmate, who were murdered last week. Obviously it was very sad, but also it was very joyful with lots of colourful clothes and happy stories.
Everytime I get the urge to leave my job for another I am reminded of what a great bunch of people I work with. I’ll end up being there for 40 years if I’m not careful.

365 day photo challenge August 30

This is Gus. My dog stays with him when we go away and he and his son stay with us when their humans go away. Gus has been diagnosed with Leukaemia. Today was to be his last day but he perked right up so has a second chance. The outlook is still bleak but he will have more time for cuddles, pats and treats now.

365 day photo challenge March 5

Found a dead penguin at the beach today. Department of Conservation asked us to collect it for them to look at. Mr Pigalina was on spade duties, I was on box carrying. Mr Pigalina said nobody wants to see a picture of a dead penguin so here is a happy one.