Prince William Waved at Pigalina

As you can see from the title, I will be dining out on the tale of how Prince William waved at my family me today when the Royal convoy drove past us for a long time to come.  Mr Pigalina and I took our niblings to the Regal Rugby Fun Day and we waved at the cars on the way.  Once at the stadium, our nephew rocked the crown hat the whole time and waved his flags with gusto.  William and Kate acted as honorary coaches to two super-cute teams of tiny rugby players and then presented them with medals.  We hoped that they would come over to the stands, where we were in the front row, for handshakes, flowers and selfies but they were whisked away to Queenstown.
Either way, I now have some photos to add to my collection of books ‘n’ cups and some memories for when I am old.
2014-04-13 13.03.54


Gonna Get a Selfie With Wills and Kate

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Pigalina in possession of a good collection of Royal Family memorabilia, must be in want of tickets to Dunedin’s Regal Rugby Fun Day!
This morning Kathy (workmate and Pigalina reader) and I stood in line to get our free tickets for the fun day in a couple of weeks. We were not as eager as the lady that started queuing at 5am!
I am not a rugby fan but I am a William and Kate fan – better charge up my camera with the best zoom. Disappointing that Baby-Prince George won’t be there; I had hoped to pinch the fat royal cheek.