Clean Green New Zealand

We like to say that we are clean and green here in NZ. We would be, if we got rid of the large population of imbeciles that inhabit the land.
Today was World Oceans Day so I had a clean up of a particularly littered bit of coastline near my house. People drive past and biff their litter out of the car window and it makes me furious.
Among the usual ciggie packets, fast food rubbish and (crap brand) beer bottles – bogan litter – I picked up an empty packet of frozen peas, a 12 pack toilet roll wrapper, some child’s underpants and an ironic Coke bottle that had “I love beaches” printed on it.
FFS Dunedin, stop it.


365 day photo challenge August 23

I live in Dunedin, New Zealand. You would think it would be pretty clean ‘n’ green, like we claim to be. Well, this is what greeted me as I crossed the road today. I have been in much bigger cities that, by rights, should be worse but put us to shame.

365 day photo challenge July 23

This is a bin. We are no longer allowed one each at work because someone put client information into theirs instead of the destruction bin. It turns out I used my bin A LOT and not having one is very annoying.

365 day photo challenge June 14

Had some time to clean out my locker at work. Found some antibiotics that expired in 2010; a child’s t-shirt with Astro Boy on it and a Rolling Stone magazine with Katy Perry in her undies on the cover among the rubbish.