NZNTM Season 3 Episode 4

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Season 3, Episode 4.

I can’t be bothered this week – I am blaming my lethargy on a Vitamim D deficiency (it’s mah new buzz phrase). So, I will do a quick Finn-on-Glee style rundown of “what you missed”.

Everyone is getting sick of Tyne and next week she storms out after AJ calls her a bitch. The girls did a posing challenge then went to the zoo to win the chance of being featured on the 2Degrees website. Arihana was one of the three, the other two don’t really count because she needs to win! Bianca is growing on me and it turns out her mum is/was a model so that must be why she is able to rock it in challenges depite being naturally awkward. The girls had to model with Vinnie a male model with a stupid ghoul tattoo on his chest and Yanna and Rosanagh reacted like he was water in the desert. Bianca said she felt she didn’t know how to pose with him as she has never had a boyfriend.
Brigette got picked first. Amber and Yanna were bottom two and Yanna went home.

And that’s what you missed on (*really high pitched*) NZNTM!

(Photo updates to come)

Brigette, Amber, Aroha, Brianna, Yanna, Arihana, Bianca, Rosanagh, Aminah, Hilary, AJ, Tyne, Issy and Holly.


New Zealand’s Next Top Model – THE FINAL!

Well, here we are. Now what will I watch of an evening?
My friends G-Dogg and E-Boo (we all have interesting names here in Dunedin) told me to look out for Colin throwing lamingtons at the girls in this episode. (For those who aren’t up with the play lamingtons are cream filled squares of cake covered in coconut and an unknown substance that comes in both red and brown.)

So it’s down to the final 3. I know who I want to win (H) and I think I know who will win (C) – though having said let’s not forget that Adam didn’t win Idol and that Whitney won the last ANTM – both suprises. (In case you are wondering why my tenses tend to change from past to present and future throughout the post it is not because I am an ignoramus, it is because I blog as I watch. So, I’ll press play and begin). In the recap at the start I noticed that the girl I mentioned that cried in the first episode was poor old Hosanna and who was it picking on her? Teryl-Leigh of course! From right back then!

The girls all headed to the photo studio to shoot their 8 page editorial spreads for Cleo magazine. However, only the winner would get to see her full results – in the mag. I must mention Colin’s hair at this shoot, it looked fab and I might go and get it done for myself this week – finally the insipration I needed – and from a man! Chrisobelle was first wearing an 80s gold skirt, a see-through top, and chunky gold jewelery. She had to just walk around while the photographer took photos. She needed to open her eyes a bit. Laura wore a metallic sheet with belts tossed loosely round her shoulders like a seamstress would wear tapemeasures. She later used the belts as belts to belt in her sheet. Colin said that she looked like a supermodel, and I’ll have to admit that she did look the part. Hosanna wore a black dress and a fur jacket (which I hope was faux). The dress had tassles on the front of the top and on the bottom of the skirt which made her look like a bogan on a night out.
Christobelle then had a go with the sheet. She said that she knew the pose that she wanted to do but the photographer told her it was too complicated. Colin mentioned that it took a true model to work such an outfit and make it look like fashion. Laura then wore a gold tassled top that matched her hair and some gold undies. Hosanna wore a plum dress and Colin said she looked “magnificent”. Chris said that he isn’t even sure if Hosanna is aware that she is doing it but she has moments of “pure beauty” in between her poses.
Colin was very impressed with them all, not bitching, focussed on their work and he mentioned that Laura has grown into her makeover and it is almost as it that is how she always looked. Christobelle wore the gold tassled thing next, the gold skirt outfit looked terrible on Laura too. Only Hosanna got outfits all of her own.

Eek the Cat it was then time for panel – already! Only two would get to face off in the final runway. Colin wore an Indian prince gold hat and big earrings at panel. Trelise Cooper, NZ designer and one of the people the girls had to impress on their go-sees, was the guest judge.
(Bah! Just nipped to the shop and a stupid newspaper had the winner on the front. Not all of us watch it on the day you know!)
The girls then got questioned – Who most deserves to be Next Top Model and who has the least potential (harsh!). Hosanna said she should win and Laura should go, Christobelle said Hosanna should go and Laura said she should win and Hosanna should be sent home. Then they were shown a couple of their photos from the Cleo shoot. The judges all loved Christobelle’s photos, Colin told Hosanna that she looked like a supermodel, Laura’s first photo – in the gold outfit, was great – Trelise Cooper said it was the kind of photo that she would be looking for. Unfortunately that shot out shone her next. At deliberation they said Christobelle had a unique look, Laura probably wouldn’t have got as far without her makeover and Hosanna was the strongest commercial girl with a great personality. Hosanna and Laura were bottom two – Hosanna was sent home in tears. Nooooooooo Double-You Tee Eff! Why, after they had said Laura only got so far because they chopped her hair off and Trelise Cooper had said her white blotchy legs (like mine – that’s why they never see daylight) ruined her photo? Hosanna deserves it more! Boo.

Laura and Christobelle went home and were celebrating when Colin arrived with a large platter of lamingtons. He threw the lamingtons at them as they had started dinner without him, how they shrieked. Christobelle must be related to the princess from princess and the pea as she said “It actually really hurt, they were like hard lamingtons.” He then revealed the real reason he was there – runway practise. The next day the girls went on a boat ride to The Wharf which was the location for the final fashion show. All of the other girls were inside to walk in the show too – even Sarah “I don’t want to be a model”. New Zealand’s A-List (Petra Bagust was the only one I actually spotted) were there along with designers to watch. Christobelle strutted round the runway – like a panther stalking prey said Colin, Sarah said that C constantly amazes her. Laura said that she thought about how amazing she is as mental preparation, Colin said her eyes were piercing and that she had fantastic focus. T-L charged down the runway like she was in a hurry to get to an appointment with both arms swinging, not that it mattered what she did in that particular show. The girls had never had to change quickly for a show before so the pressure was on. On her second walk Laura slipped but carried on walking as if nothing had happened, Colin commented that her recovery was fantastic and Chris said a tiny slip wouldn’t mean she would lose.
Sarah and Colin said it was going to be hard to choose a winner, Colin said he was looking forward to getting into a fist fight over who should win. So, final deliberation time – They showed a series of photos to see how the girls have progressed from week one. They both had their good and bad shots but their last few weeks have both been high quality. Both girls were told that they had walked well in the final show and were then sent away while to judges discussed their decision. Chris said Christobelle is his favourite from a photographer’s point of view – more alluring and more compelling. Colin prefers Laura – “she is amazing”. Sarah asked them both about personalities, the only difference they could decide on was Christobelle is super determined for a 16 year old. When the girls were in LA Alexis Borges said he would sign Laura out of them all. The girls were then called back in and Christobelle’s photo popped up on the screen to announce her win. So for once I actually got it right!
(Daddy Pigalina thinks it was fixed, but that’s not for here).
NZNTM - Christobelle
Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna
You can watch the episodes online (NZ only) and see the final photos by visiting here.

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep 12

(Before I start I must mention the excitement caused by a commenter named “Colin”. How the Pigalina house rang with squeals of delight! Even if it was not Colin M-J, as I will continue to tell myself it was, the fact that it was a real comment and not another spam link to some boobies was enough.)

There are only four girls left now and looking back I had picked three of them. I had Ajoh and Rebecca Rose firmly in the top five along with Ruby, Hosanna and Christobelle. I am glad to see Hosanna there as she has worked so hard and you’ve got to love Ruby for her cheerfulness. Ruby, Laura and Christobelle are staying in a tight group and are leaving Hosanna out. So the same as last week really except this week it is 3 against 1 instead of 4 against 1. This week they are moaning about her beating them in challenges and banging doors.
This week the girls had to face a journalist. She didn’t have much to trip anyone up on as they all handled the questions about who they fight with well. Ruby handled the inevitable weight “issue” question easily. The only real kicker was Laura being asked about her D.I.C charge! Not only announced on national TV but now splashed across the interweb (sorry).
They then got pampered at a spa with Nivea products. They paid no attention to the beauticians as they explained all the ingredients and properties of each product – fools! They were told in their Sara Mail that there was no such thing as a free lunch – or indeed a free facial. They said that they had paid attention to the Sara Mail but it seems not to the beauty therapists. They then had 30 seconds to sell one of the products to camera. What a disaster! The winner would get an advertorial in the next issue of Woman’s Day (thank you so much Colin for not pronouncing it Women’s Day like most other people!!) and one year’s supply of Nivea. Anyway as I was saying – disasterous. Laura waffled on about pushing your skin up and spoke for one minutes forty two seconds. Colin said it was like when “you vomit and can’t stop”. Hosanna started out well, she said that her beauty routine used to be soap and water but now she was mad on the Nivea toner. If she’d have stopped there it would have been great. However she also waffled on – “Unlike most toners that, sort of, leave your skin feeling like you’ve been burnt by acid or somethink; and you can smell alcohol on you when you walk into a room and people are like “has she been drinking?”” She was up there for one minute twenty one. Ruby tried but left Colin bored and thinking about what to eat for dinner – “I don’t eat dinner!” She did however clock in at 30 seconds and tried her hand at a slogan – “Beauty is feeling good, beauty is a smile.” Christobelle did a good job, she didn’t stray off the topic and was cheery and didn’t stumble over her words. She was only slightly over at forty eight seconds. Laura was voted last, Ruby was somehow third – below Hosanna and her ramblings! Colin said it was because it seemed like Ruby didn’t really want to win. The Nivea lady said that Hosanna and Christobelle were the two most believable – Christobelle won. I will have to pinch Mr Pigalina’s Mum’s Woman’s Day this week to see the ad (a lot of apostrophes there).
The photo challenge was at a boxing ring. It was a family reunion this week with the rastafarian Gok Wan (Atip) back again to style them and Bluto doing the make-up. The girls had to look like they were fighting in a boxing ring while wearing heels. Monty Beetham – boxer and league player, gave the girls some tips. The photographer didn’t think much of Christobelle who then left the set to go and do her Nivea advertorial. Laura was up next and was very pleased to get Hosanna to pretend to punch at. Maaaaaaaan I hope Hosanna wins. The other girls are getting catty! Chris said Laura seemed to have black cloud over her this week towards her competition; the photographer thought she was boring. Hosanna bounced around all over the show but Chris and the photographer said that she did a great job. Ruby had the best outfit (except the tasseled boots) but used more frames (possibly over 100) to get her shot.
At panel the girls were pretty sure Christobelle was going to be safe. This week Colin had his hair straightened and had extensions that from a distance brought to mind Beast in the terrible 80s programme Beauty and the Beast (or me before my yearly haircut). Atip was also judging. Gok Wan was in the country recently talking about how glasses are so awesome. Looks like Atip stole his Grandad’s glasses to rock the trend. Ruby looked tough in her photo and she looked tall and lean – not fat (so any mentions of weight are not valid this week – that means you Chris). Atip said that she had managed to channel warrior princess, Colin said she looked beautiful and athletic. Sara shot her down though by saying that it had taken too many frames to get such a great shot. Laura also had a great photo. It was interesting to see that they didn’t choose one where she had been pretending to punch Hosanna which she had taken to with such gusto. Christobelle looked a bit like an awkward robot in her photo. Colin said that she looked like she was at the supermarket deciding between Weetbix and Special K. Atip said that he had chosen the outfit especially for her and had hoped she would work it better than she did. Chris said she had energy on the day but that it hadn’t come through on film. Sara delivered a crushing blow by saying the photographer had been very disappointed and had looked through the film for a better shot but there wasn’t one. Hosanna was told that he photographer would book her again, Colin told her that she had a powerful shot. Atip told her that she nailed the shoot.
While deliberating they all praised Hosanna; Chris said Laura is almost self destructing by over thinking everything. Chris was worried that Ruby is cruising through and Atip said he probably wouldn’t book her as she wouldn’t fit the sample clothes. All four of them were disappointed in Christobelle.
Laura was called first. Sara told Laura that a few of the judges didn’t think that she should be called first (nor did I!). Ruby and Chrstobelle were bottom two. Christobelle was told her photo was average but she had won the Nivea challenge. Ruby was told her photo was OK but she had cruised in the Nivea challenge when she really could have won had she tried a little harder. Ruby was sent home 😦
I had a feeling that they wouldn’t get rid of Christobelle despite her poor photo. Next week is the final and all three girls take great photos (usually) so it could be anyone’s game. I would like Hosanna to win but I think Christobelle will. Who knows, maybe I will be pleasantly suprised.

Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna
You can watch the episodes online (NZ only) and see the final photos by visiting here.

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep11

Keeping it short this week so here it is in a nut shell:
There are 5 girls left, four of them think Hosanna should go home and have taken over from Teryl-Leigh in bitching about her. They went on go-sees around Auckland. Christobelle fell over at one, Victoria put on the wrong jacket which apparently was a terrible crime and Hosanna got off to a slow start. It was Victoria who failed miserably on the time front though arriving back 55 minutes after the deadline. Hosanna won and got to go to the New Zealand Music Awards.
The photoshoot was on a boat (“I’m on a boat”) or a yaught to be presice where the Rastafarian Gok Wan dressed them as 80s ladies and they had to be the hottest girl at the party. Hosanna and Ruby rocked it and everyone else looked frankly awful.
At panel Colin had some mohawk deely going on and Hosanna was called first. Victoria and Ruby were bottom two but thankfully Ruby stuck around and Victoria went home after a very dismal week.

Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna
You can watch the episodes online (NZ only) and see the final photos by visiting here.

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep10

Phew, the girls are off to LA – not staying in Australia as I had cynically assumed they would. This week Nigel Barker, photographer from America’s Next Top Model is photographing them.
They got to fly Business Class and were then driven around LA in a limo to 2Pac’s California Love (OK that was overdubbed, but they should have had it blasting).
The girls were summoned to Next Model Management and were introduced to the director Alexis Borges. They had to walk in front of him. He liked Laura, he told Hosanna she was 2 inches too short so didn’t even bother getting her to walk. T-L was told she was too fat (she’s had two kids and I’ve seen her in a bikini – she looks damn good!) He told Ruby she looked like she still had some baby fat and she laughed – they measured her hips and told her she would have a hard time fitting the samples. (I then went and measured me, I am 6 inches bigger than required…). Both of them weren’t too worried as they can work on losing weight. Poor Hosanna will have to save up for some of those bone lengthening cages. T-L got straight into her diet by having some wedges with sour cream using the logic that they are less fatty than shoe-string fries. So is a salad.
Their next Sara Mail told them that their challenge had something to do with shopping. They were given $75 and 30 mins to shop and put together a look that said “Sucessful International Model.” They set off running, T-L tried to wangle a discount but the shop assistant didn’t look keen but in the end he agreed to let her have a dress and some shoes “rounded down” to $75. Hosanna stripped off in the shop so as not to waste time queing for a changing room. She found some pants she loved but ended up having to sit on the counter to get the barcode scanned as she refused to take them back off. Christobelle didn’t realize that she was supposed to be wearing her outfit so had to change in the street. Victoria was too late to be considered as punishment she had to sit in a big glass box back at the hotel, for 3 hours, as a kind of living advertisement. T-L had to join her because her dress made her look like a sausage and Christobelle had to go in there too for not being ready in time.
They were then off to shoot and ad for Covergirl Trublend. It was quite comical seeing them shooting a polished ad with their NZ accents – not so high class. Victoria says “Covergee-ul”. Christobelle did a really good job, she was very relaxed and her accent was hardly noticeable. T-L looked like she was secretly angry as she said the lines and then flashed a fake smile at the end, she had at least 11 takes. Hosanna was confident that she had what it took to rock the challenge but she kept doing crazy eyes. Colin said “There was the Hosanna Stare, The Hosanna ‘I’m Seductive’, The Hosanna Claw, there’s a Hosanna Smile…it was Covergirl meets pirahna.” Ruby looked fab and breezed through the ad. (Ruby for NZNTM! Though I think Christobelle will actually win). The winner got a personal tour of LA by night in a stretch Hummer limo. Christobelle won and took T-L and Ruby with her.
The next challenge was a photoshoot on Santa Monica beach with Nigel Barker. The shoot took place under the pier. Nigel said Ruby was more of a plus size model – but would need a bit more weight and was dissapointed that she was so nervous. He thought Laura did a great job and said the other girls should watch out for her. T-L did quite a poor job she didn’t pose much and seemed to be frowning a lot. Nigel liked Victoria and thought she made a great effort – he even picked her up and swung her around. Hosanna leapt about and Nigel said it seemed that she thought “clowning around” was modelling and commented to Chris that she was wretched. Nigel thought Christobelle was exciting and did everything right.
Off to panel – Nigel was the guest judge. They loved Christobelle’s photo and her Covergirl ad. Hosanna’s photo was her very last frame and Nigel told her the rest of her film was a mess. Hosanna cried her eyes out as she thought she had wasted her opportunity with Nigel. Nigel had high praise for Laura but told her to watch her face, Colin told her that her face had also let her down in the ad. Colin told Ruby that she did an awesome job in the ad and would buy anything she was selling. Nigel told T-L that she did the same thing over and over and that if she had been like that on a regular shoot her would never book her again and complain to the agency. Victoria was told by Nigel that her eyes were some of the most beautiful he has photographed.
During deliberations they said: T-L has no charm and is argumentative; Christobelle is not the prettiest but the most interesting her photo was Sara’s fave of the competition to date; Hosanna – a mess and wretched but hard-working; Ruby dissapointing and neither a rake nor a plus size; Laura’s photo gives Colin shivers and is a great mover; Victoria – gorgeous with striking eyes and could work on an international level.
Christobelle was called first. T-L and Hosanna were in the bottom two. T-L was sent home for lacking warmth. She said she was pleased to be going home as she would get to see her kids. She also said that Hosanna would be going home next week anyway. I have a feeling I will be seeing T-L on the cover of Ralph magazine – though I hope I don’t.

Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna
You can watch the episodes online (NZ only) and see the final photos by visiting here.

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep9

This week the 7 remaining girls were teamed up with 7 fashion design students. They had 10 minutes and $40 to buy what they could from Savemart. Savemart rocks, they are huge second hand clothing warehouses. (The only trouble with the one in Dunedin is it knows there is a big second hand clothing scene and bumps the prices up accordingly – especially in the “retro” (which usually is just their word for ugly) section). The designer would then use the clothes selected to create a look for their girl to wear on the runway. Hosanna raced around grabbing everything in sight but all her designer Celine wanted was a long sleeved white shirt and some ties. Laura was paired with Ivana who could have been in the model comp herself. Teryl-Leigh thought her designer was “way too sure of herself” for actually having an idea in her head that she was aiming for – she chose a Shrek T-shirt (tee hee).
Abby made Ruby a black and white futuristic Star Trek-alien-about-to-be-seduced-by-Kirk top.
Scott made Ruby a skirt out of a yucky green jacket she had insisted on having. The top however looked like a bit piece of cardboard. She did quite a good job of pretending that she liked it though.
Celine had made Hosanna a little purple top from the white shirt – it looked really great! Colin said it looked like an eggplant – Hosanna admitted she didn’t know what one was.
Lucy gave her designer Glenn a few pointers on improving his design – Colin ranted to camera that you “do not critique a designer’s design”.
April had turned some orange overalls into some black trousers for Victoria.
Ivana made Laura a dress out of some sheets and some kind of nanna shawl/cardie. I was just thinking the dress looked like a sheet still except all bunched up when Colin comented that “New Zealand loves pavlovas“.
Teryl-Leigh was horrified by the design Priyanka had crafted for her. It was some kind of top made out of 4 t-shirts. It looked like a big kind of shawl or one of those awful shrug cardigans but really oversized. T-L was to be topless underneath it for the show. T-L was not happy – “I’ve had two kids for crying out loud and the tops has holes all through it” Fair enough! Laura asked T-L if she thought that P was trying to make her look bad and therefore make herself look bad – T-L replied “She’s sewn together four frikkin t-shirts, I don’t think she cares.”
It was then time for the runway show – the model who did the best on the catwalk woud win a session of pampering at a spa. On the night of the show Priyanka was going to bow to T-L and sew the top up but Colin stopped her, labelling T-L a designer’s worst nightmare. When the girls were all done up and the outfits completed they all looked pretty good. Colin thought Victoria’s walk was stiff and Hosanna’s “horrified” him – she also winked at the end of the runway which he did not like at all. After all the drama T-L looked fine, she had a mesh-like top on under the t-shirt cardigan and you couldn’t even notice she was flying bra-less. Christobelle and Ruby were joint winners of the challenge. Christobelle had put her back to the camera at the end of the runway instead of posing for them to get a shot. A few of the girls were rightfully annoyed that she had won when she had messed up. They were whisked away in a Lexus to a hotel where they meditated, and then received a massage.

This week’s photoshoot was to support Smokefree. Instead of doing a photoshoot o show the bad things about smoking the shoot was designed to show how powerful the media can be in making things seem glamourous and real. The girls were each given an emotion to portray realistically in their photo – the cigarette was substituted by an emotion. The girls were done up 40s style, the golden age of the fag – that’s cigarette. Christobelle had to be angry but she just looked mildly irritated. Laura had to be sad – she imagned that her boyfriend was dead. As soon as Chris mentioned the scenario she just about bawled. She pictured his coffin and cried and cried. Chris was impressed, as was I – I love Mr Pigalina but as we have a deal that we will die simultaneously I am unable to picture such a scenario therefore unable to understand how she did it. Ruby’s emotion was joy and what was it that she hought of the bring the smile to her face? Was it kittens? Was it Johnny Depp down on one knee vowing to leave Vanessa Paradis for her? No, it was her friend faling off her chair at school and whacking her head on the desk – it seems we had to be there to appreciate the comedic gold. Teryl-Leigh had to be suprised, she just seemed to throw her hands up and open her mouth. I don’t know about you but when I am suprised I tend to screw my face up and hunch my shoulders to protect myself. (T-L was moaning about Hosanna practising her poses in the background – hogging her limelight. I had deleted something that I wrote about T-L whinging about Hosanna earlier in the episode but will give you the jist – T-L thinks that if Hosanna needs to practice so much she doesn’t deserve a place in the top 2 whereas other would just see it as dedication). Hosanna had to represent fear and she was embarrassed to admit that she was scared of the dark. Chris said that it would be hard to pick just one photo as she had done so many good ones. (Pratice makes…). Lucy had to represent despair. Victoria had to show lust.

The girls were told at this panel that they would need their passports as the final 6 were off overseas! (I had my fingers crossed that they got to go further than Australia however the end of the message said “Fair dinkum” so I gathered that TV3 had forked out $99 per girl to get them across the Tasman – turns out they were going to Sydney as I had expected – though, thank goodness, that it was only a pit-stop and all the cynics like me got a slap in the face when the girls were told they were off to LA. Lucky.) One poor girl had to fly to Sydney only to fly home again – who would it be? The guest judge this week was apparently Morgan McGlone, a talent scout for Next – though I think it was actually NZ singer Dei Hamo in disguise. Colin told Victoria that she looked like a lusty little minx and that that was how he looked at himself in the mirror every morning. If I earned money from just looking like me I would be licking the mirror each morning, alas I must earn my money as a public servant. Christobelle looked like she was ready for her close up as anger. Laura was told to be proud of her grief photo. Colin told her she had gone from ordinary to extraordinary and if she kept it up she would be legendary. Lucy was told her picture was not so great but her runway had been amazing. Ruby’s photo was fabulous – it made Colin’s heart sing and Dei Hamo Morgan said it was exceptional. Sara congratulated T-L for actually going ahead and modelling her outfit at the fashion show. T-L had a wee cry about missing her kids and the judges were pleased as “barriers were breaking down”. It was then time to deliberate. Colin declared Ruby the dark-horse – yay Ruby!
Ruby was called first – and rightly so. Hosanna and Lucy were in the bottom two – out of the two, though I wanted Lucy to go further to represent Dunedin, Hosanna deserved it more. Lucy was sent thus dashing Dunedin’s dream of model glory.

Next week it’s off to LA!

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep 8

As I am Jaquie Brown’s friend on Facebook I already knew that she was going to be on this week’s episode. (Of her 2659 friend’s I like to think I am her favourite).
Jaquie was enlisted to help the girls with a TV presenter challenge. Jermaine Leef from C4 was also on hand. Appropriately screened on 1st May the start of New Zealand Music Month (even though it was filmed weeks ago) the prize was to be a VJ for a day on C4. The girls had to pretend they were on air with Jermaine presenting his show. Teryl-Leigh went first – sorry, T-L but your accent is not TV friendly 😦 (though nice shorts, I have them too!). Lucy kept looking to the sky for inspiration. Laura looked like a mannequin frozen next to Jermaine as he talked. Ruby was animated and bantered with Jermaine. Victoria tried her hardest but came across so over the top. Jaquie told Rebecca Rose to have something stored in her mind to say next “rather than just giggling”. She didn’t appear to take the advice though still seemed to think she had the “X factor.” J and J did not. Jermaine said he and Hosanna had chemistry and he liked the way she touched him – on the shoulder. However, she spent her time gazing at Jermaine rather than being a presenter. “Too much sexy time on TV is not good” said Jaquie. Christobelle did a good job and was a natural . Jaquie said the only downside to her was that her legs were so long and slender that next to Christobelle she looked like a “fruity freak”, Jermaine preferred “goblin”. Ruby won the challenge and pumped the air in her glee.

Rebecca Rose said that she was pretty sure that she wouldn’t be going home last week despite being in the bottom two as she knew people were praying for her. Now I mean no disrespect here, but it always annoys me when people say things like – like when people pray on the Amazing Race that they will win, or people thank Jesus when they win Oscars. God and Jesus have better things to be thinking about than some people winning some money or a girl winning a beauty contest. Seriously you guys (said Homestar styles).
People seem to have moved from being annoyed by Hosanna to being annoyed by Victoria. None of them really gave a reason why they don’t like her – bad manners was the only real explanation. Laura went to the dentist to get her teeth fixed – not sure what was wrong with them apparently they were a little wonky. Not everyone was excited thinking that it would give her an unfair advantage. Ruby joked that if Laura was getting new teeth she wanted some liposuction.

The girls went to a studio to film a video for the band Autozamm‘s song “Long Days”. They were to be 60s mod dancers and circus performers. There were beehives and mini skirts galore as the girls danced in front of a green screen. Colin then gave Rebecca Rose a leopard outfit to wear, not just leopard pattern – no, no, one with a little hood and ears on it. Just when I was chuckling over that Teryl-Leigh was given a gorilla suit. Unlike Rebbeca Rose T-L said that she could rock it and be a gorilla. Victoria was chosen to be the lead in the video – she was to fall from the hi-wire and into the arms of the singer who she would have to kiss. T-L commented “Every guy she sees, like sees, she thinks is hot so it’s good, like, that she can finally kiss someone.” Ruby and Hosanna were done up like a clowns and the other girls just seemed to have sparkly leotards on. The director thought Ruby and Laura (with a curly moustache drawn on) were great and was frustrated with Rebecca Rose as he had to keep telling her what to do. T-L actually did a good job in her gorilla outfit, drumming with bananas and ooh-ooh aah-aahing.

Quite an action packed episode really as there is still the photo challenge to get through and this week it was posing with half-naked men at a trucking yard/quarry. The men were the finalists from the Cleo 2008 Bachelor of the year competition. The girls looked like they were going to pass out. If it was me I would have kept my cool and said, “huh, they’re no Mr Pigalina”. (A tick in my book please!) The girls were instructed to climb all over the men and treat them like play things. Laura had a little cry as she had a really good time on the photo shoot but has a bf who may not have so much fun when he watches the episode. Hosanna said if it was her she would still be all over the model. The photographer said Lucy didn’t really seem like a model to him. T-L had not wanted to do the photo shoot with the guys and was also worried that she can’t do “the sexy thing.” She looked like she was about to start yawning and check her watch as she posed with the model. The photographer liked her though, he also liked Christobelle, Ruby and Hosanna. Ruby got a bug in her eye during her shoot and she carried on posing with one of the wings in there after make-up couldn’t get it out. The photographer said that Ruby needed to get on the treadmill a little bit. There is nothing wrong with Ruby!!

At panel Colin had a little beard and moustache which made him look like a sleazy waiter or a latin dancer (though I think that was the look he was going for). Hosanna got praise from all four judges. Lucy was not too happy to hear that the photographer thought she was beautiful but not really a model. Colin told her that he could tell from her photo that she was worried about what her boyfriend would think. Despite Laura’s worries along those same line she had a good photo. They told Rebecca Rose that she had made an effort to have a different look on her face but this was a time to bust out her usual look which they moan about every week. How is she supposed to know what to do?! The photographer had said that T-L looks like she is sad, and her photo reflected that a bit this week. Colin said to harness her inner gorilla seeing as she had done so well at the video shoot. Christobelle’s photo was pretty good but her high waisted short-shorts looked a bit like a nappy. Colin said Ruby’s photo was “delicious”. Victoria wasn’t happy with her photo – nor were the judges.
Laura was called first. Lucy and Rebecca Rose were in the bottom two which I wasn’t too happy about. Rebecca Rose was sent home!! She was the most interesting looking girl left out of the whole lot but because she “only has one look” she was sent home. Also she had a nice personality. Boo-urns. It’s a good job that I’m not a betting person or I would be broke by now. On the plus side Lucy remains to represent Dunedin. Yay!

Next week from the trailer it looks like they are at SaveMart (second hand clothing warehouse) – my favourite shop! (Great website btw). They also head overseas where someone’s journey “comes to a shocking end”.

Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna

You can watch the episodes online (NZ only) and see the final photos by visiting here.

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep6

Shock Elimination! – Read on…

It was straight into the first activity this week. The girls had to race to grab a prop from a bucket which they would then have to create 5 poses with. These ranged from a book and an umbrella to a toilet roll and a fire extinguisher. Rebecca Rose’s hand got cut in the scramble to not get left with loo roll. Teryl-Leigh bombed out posing with a bottle of juice. Victoria used the toilet roll as a scarf and drew praise from the judges. Ajoh had an apple, Rebecca Rose a fan; Ruby had an umbrella. Christobelle had a hand mirror and her last pose was using it as a cricket bat which left Chris (the photographer judge) bewildered “What’s happening there…What is it? I dunno.” Then there was a book for Laura, Lucy had the fire extinguisher and Hosanna had a beach ball.
Everyone is getting sick of each other and missing home. Lucy had a little cry again.
The first challenge was to have them “swinging from the rafters”. Someone – I am not sure who because they were not in shot asked if this meant on a river – in a boat. (It was not Ajoh who has English as a second language.) Lucy had to explain that rafters were in the roof. The challenge was at Tapac (The Auckland Performing Arts Centre) where they had to use trapezeses, suspended hoops and silks to make shapes with their bodies in the air. The prize was to model in a campaign with 3 experienced models for Max (again). Everybody gave it a good go except for Ajoh who, after going on the trapeze and hoop only had a wee go with the silks. This means she hung upside down, said “ow” and then sat out for the rest of it. She said it was because in her culture you shouldn’t spread your legs. She later told the judges it was because she was scared. Colin was so T.O and labelled her a quitter.

I am actually going to give up right here – the sillly computer timed out and lost half of what I was typing. All you need to know is:
* Teryl-Leigh and Ajoh did badly in the first challenge – Colin said that they were both disasters and hoped he wouldn’t wee his pants laughing when Ajoh did her poses. Laura won the modelling assignment prize.
* At the photo challenge, which was modelling watches, Hosanna had a big cry. She said that it was because she needs to hear that she did a perfect job.
*At panel Colin wore his hair like a flapper-girl.
*Laura got called first. Ajoh and Rebecca Rose were in the bottom two. I know! Ajoh was sent home. Shocker eh? I was hoping that she would win so I could chuckle at NZ’s NTM being imported. Alas, my gloating twas not to be.

Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna

Sorry about the rubbish post.
Fun Fact: My friend is friends with Lucy from NZNTM. Word

New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep5

(I must apologize for my tardiness – have had a very busy Easter Weekend.)

It was pretty much all about Teryl-Leigh this week. So much so there is too much drama to bother with. Just know that she was feeling bad about being in the bottom two and moped about a lot and moaned heaps. At one point she was calling Hosanna a genius and a few minutes later declaring her an idiot. The girls have all realised that Hosanna’s practising was a very smart thing to do and spent some time practising in the mirror.
Things got worse for Teryl-Leigh when Sara arrived to “get to know” the girls and asked them all who they thought would be going home that week. The majority of them said Teryl-Leigh which put her in the foulest of moods (fair enough – they were basing it all on last weeks photo only). Ajoh and Christobelle were picked by the girls as most likely to win. Not many of the girls chose themselves, silly girls, ain’t they never watched America’s Next Top Model? Tyra would have told them off!

Some more T-L moaning over dinner.

The first challenge was a make-up challenge where they had to race to put on CoverGirl cosmetics in 5 minutes and create an evening look. Dunno about you but 5 mins for make-up is more than enough for me. I was wondering who the mountain man (or Bluto as my Dad said it could have been) in the checkered shirt and huge beard was. Turns out he was the make-up artist! Looked like he should have been weilding an axe rather than a mascara wand. Lucy didn’t run straight to the foundation table like everyone else and worked on her eyes first. Colin told Hosanna that she looked like she was in the circus. Things went wrong for Teryl-Leigh again – the mountain man said that he was most disappointed with her. The winner was Ruby who won a one on one with Bluto and some CoverGirl cosmetics not yet released in NZ.

The photo challenge was wearing couture (think gowns that would cost 3 months wages) while lounging about on a beach. Ajoh got put in a toy soldier hat, some of the others had bits of dead pheasant stuck to them. Chris (the photographer judge – 1st mench by name) wasn’t too happy that Lucy said she couldn’t think on the spot. Laura didn’t like her outfit – she said it was a big circle with a hole cut in it with a bum sack.

At panel Colin had a quiff mullet combo and a Cry-Baby style tear on his cheek. Christobelle and Hosanna’s photos looked fantastic. Lucy was told that the only good thing about her “angry, constipated” photo were the feathers in her hair. Rhiannon’s photo looked ok to me but the judges didn’t think so. Sara said Ajoh in her crazy hat was her favourite. Laura got told off about letting her big sheet of an outfit put her off her game. Colin said Rebecca Rose looked like an underfed anaconda and that if he saw “something like that crawling up to me on the beach I’d be squealing.” She just laughed, Rebecca Rose is lovely, she has grown on me over these past few weeks – I’ve never heard her bitching (that I can remember). She also has a really diffferent kind of face – “slight alien” the judges commented while deliberating – not that that is bad, it seems to be working OK for Gemma Ward. The judges acknowledged that Hosanna’s practise is paying off. Ajoh was called first. Bottom two were Victoria and Rhiannon. Victoria was told that her photos were getting worse and that her confidence was eroding – I wonder why with such nice encouraging words? Rhiannon was told she was beautiful but her photos weren’t cutting it. Rhiannon went home which was a shame but she is only 16 and is looking forward to going home to Blenheim and being the town hottie.

My picks so far – I have managed to avoid all but one spoiler! – Rebecca Rose, Christobelle, Ajoh, Hosanna and Ruby. (Ok so they are my faves therefore my picks – my wee wishlist of winners. T-L sorry, you’re out. Oh wrong show…)

Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna