Sort it out Sunday!

It rained heavily for most of the day, such has been the norm so far this Summer. Settled in and spent most of the day playing Bioshock Infinite. Then the sun came out at around 6pm when I was in my PJs, had a very irritated eye (possible cat hair intrusion) and was at a crucial part in the game.


365 day photo challenge November 2

It was stinking hot the whole work day. I have no photos from today because Mr Pigalina and I raced out to the beach with the dog after walk with visions of swimming, frolicking and photo-taking. Instead we shivered our way towards the sea under a grey sky. Then the wind picked up forcing people closer to the shore to start running back towards the car park before the rain came.
This sums it up:

365 day photo challenge October 18

Well done Dunedin weather. You have claimed the life of my second umbrella this year. It made it the whole of the 2 kilometre walk to Mr Pigalina’s work, and then promptly blew inside out and beyond repair while I collected the mail from the mailbox at home.

365 day photo challenge August 14

We have had 3, possibly 4 days of constant rain – I have lost count. The gardens are flooding, the fields have ducks swimming on them and the streams are swollen. Dogs are bored and lounge walls are wet. Enough now please.

365 day photo challenge February 23

Rained constantly all day, the airport was closed due to surface flooding and the river and streams are rising quickly. Couldn’t get a photo that would illustrate it well enough (without leaving my cosy house) so here is one of my house – the spouting leaks are back >:|