Queen’s Birthday Adventures

The dog dictated where we could go today, having not had a big walk for a few weeks. He is not allowed on a number of the beaches on the Otago Peninsula, so we headed out to the area by Port Chalmers.
We went towards Osborne, along a long gravel road. We reached a part where a sign read “Track not suitable for vehicles”. After some deliberation we decided to walk the track to see where it ended up. We were glad we did – it came out at Purakanui Beach and there was a track up to the top of the cliffs that over looked Doctors Point. There were moments where I thought Tobias was about to cock his leg on a bush and fall to his doom.
We then went in search of a beer in the sun.
Hard to believe it is the start of Winter.


Thanks For The Holiday, Your Madge

It is the law that every British citizen must display a photo of our beloved Queen in their home. This proudly hangs in a room at Pigalina’s house.
Today is the start of a three day weekend in NZ, Queen’s Birthday weekend. Thanks for the holiday! I intend to do nothing.

It’s The Freakin’ (Long) Weekend, Baby, Imma Bout To Have Me Some Fun

Tomorrow is a public holiday in NZ, Waitangi Day. It is also Thursday so I have taken the Friday off too. Four day weekend! My PJ pants are on, even the dog is getting comfy with no collar on.
Fire up the Xbox and open that beer.

365 day photo challenge April 25

ANZAC day today so most of us had the day off to remember the soldier’s sacrifices for us in the various wars since WWI. Went to the dawn service which wasn’t as reverential as I would have liked – though it may have been because I arrived just as it was starting so got stuck on the outskirts of the park with the smokers, babies and sullen, forced-to-attend, teenage girls updating Facebook.

Later Mr Pigalina, the dog and I went on a spontaneous walk to the top of Flagstaff which provided fantastic views of the whole city.