A Vote for Me is a Vote for Me

Wordpress has all sorts of silly presets which means I can’t directly post a link to the Expedia Blogger Search.

Expedia are looking for 5 people from Australia and NZ (that’s me!) to become Expedia travel bloggers for a year with a $5000 prize to travel where they please and report back to Expedia.com – Mr Pigalina and I would be going to Cuba to see it in all of its glory before it becomes too modern.

There will be a winner from each of the 5 categories. I don’t have an exact theme for my blog as anyone that drops by will know. It started out as a place to review films and rant about working in customer service. It has since become a photo a day blog, because working for a government department has us all in fear for our jobs thanks to the Privacy Act 1993. Stupid, fun killing, Privacy Act!

Anyway, if you have a moment and would like to vote for me please follow this list of instructions thanks to WordPress not allowing me to paste code:

1) Click here for Expedia.co.nz’s Facebook page (oh yeah, you also need to be on Facebook to vote for me)
2) Click Like (you can unlike in 1 minute I promise)
3) Click on the Expedia Blogger Search Button under the like button
4) Click the Lifestyle tab (I had no idea what to categorize this blog as!)
5) IMPORTANT – Ignore all those other people,don’t look! You’ll go blind – look for the beautiful lady on the second row at the far right – that’s right (I hate to reveal my alter ego) Christina – the one in the $1 aisle.
6) Click the pic and then the vote button. Thank you very much 😀
7) You are now free to unlike Expedia.co.nz

Very annoying I know so I don’t mind if you don’t vote!
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365 day photo challenge September 22

St Peter Chanel School fair is a must do for many each year. It was packed; I even had to give the White Elephant a miss. This photo, I feel, sums up the essence of school fairs. However, I did not wait around to see which square Lucy pooed in. I escaped the crowds and headed home with my styley new, electric blue, velvet jacket and many books.

365 day challenge photo March 7

While tidying my library, yes library – the perks of the childfree, I was reminded of my two proudest moments. The only two trophies I have ever won. Best Period Costume 1990 Coventry vintage car rally and Warwickshire Road Safety Quiz finalist 1994. After reaching such great heights by age 12 is it any wonder I managed little more?