Monsters, INC.

This film is great.  It made me laugh out loud and made me feel sad when I was supposed to too.
The monsters all live in a city called Monstropolis and they need the screams of children to power everything.  Sully (the big blue furry monster) is the top scarer and he and his one-eyed green friend Mike work together at “Monsters, Incorporated” gathering screams.  The monsters are terrified of the children however, thinking that if they get touched by a child they will die.
One of the children (she ends up being known as Boo) gets into the monster world and everyone goes into a panic.  Sully and Mike must return her to her home before she gets caught.  Boo is a cute little character and that’s a lot coming from me (I am not a huge fan of small children – it may be because she isn’t real).  There is also an evil creepy monster called Randal who is planning on kidnapping children to harvest as much scream as possible.
The animation was great, I am always amazed at the patience that must go into animating hair, Sully is very hairy.  As with all Pixar films there are “bloopers” during the credits which were really funny. 
With some of the rubbish that Disney seems to be coming out with (Little Mermaid 2, Jungle Book 2 anyone?), Disney/Pixar has to be the wave of the future.