New year, new Pigalina?

OK, 2013’s “Pigalina does new things” blog was a miserable failure. I was really busy. Doing stuff. So, back to the old “Photo a day”! Old Pigalina blog but hopefully new Pigalina life (i.e less drinking, more exercising, studying and general awesomeness.


1 January 2014 = 11 years of Pigalina and Mr Pigalina. May I present our song…


A Typical Pigalina Household Interaction.

Movie starts – “The Expendables”

Mr Pigalina “Oh, this has got your mate in it.  Your favourite.”

Pause movie, 2 seconds in.

Pigalina “Statham?”

MP “No, the other one.”

P “Stallone?”

MP “No, the other one.

P “Arnold?!”

MP “The other one.”

P “Dolph Lundgren?!”

MP “Oh, no, I’m thinking of the other movie where they ride motorbikes.”

P “Wha? Oh, Travolta!  That’s Old Dogs…Wild Hogs…”

MP “Yeah.  No.”

P “Chris Rock?!” [Oops, sorry Martin Lawrence]

MP “No.”

P (now throwing any name into the mix) “Fat one from Full Monty!?”

MP “No.”

P “Well who is it then? What does he look like if you don’t know his name?”

MP “He’s always got a moustache.”

P “Tom Selleck!”

MP “No.  Desperate Housewives husband.”

P “Carlos??”

MP “No, he’s not in it.  His wife is in it.”

P “I can’t think of any that are married.”

MP “He always looks old.”


MP “Yeah, your mate.  Let’s watch something else, this looks too serious for this time of night.”

365 day photo challenge December 30

Rarotonga is only 32km around so scooter travel is very popular. There was to be no bus on New Years day and, after a VERY packed bus ride where we thanked our lucky stars it wasn’t roasting hot, we decided to hire a scooter to explore. It was fantastic and we were so glad that we did – we ended up extending our hire until the end of the holiday. We zipped around the back road dodging the coconuts, chickens, stray dogs and cats, goats, pigs and oblivious old men – SO MUCH FUN.

A Vote for Me is a Vote for Me

Wordpress has all sorts of silly presets which means I can’t directly post a link to the Expedia Blogger Search.

Expedia are looking for 5 people from Australia and NZ (that’s me!) to become Expedia travel bloggers for a year with a $5000 prize to travel where they please and report back to – Mr Pigalina and I would be going to Cuba to see it in all of its glory before it becomes too modern.

There will be a winner from each of the 5 categories. I don’t have an exact theme for my blog as anyone that drops by will know. It started out as a place to review films and rant about working in customer service. It has since become a photo a day blog, because working for a government department has us all in fear for our jobs thanks to the Privacy Act 1993. Stupid, fun killing, Privacy Act!

Anyway, if you have a moment and would like to vote for me please follow this list of instructions thanks to WordPress not allowing me to paste code:

1) Click here for’s Facebook page (oh yeah, you also need to be on Facebook to vote for me)
2) Click Like (you can unlike in 1 minute I promise)
3) Click on the Expedia Blogger Search Button under the like button
4) Click the Lifestyle tab (I had no idea what to categorize this blog as!)
5) IMPORTANT – Ignore all those other people,don’t look! You’ll go blind – look for the beautiful lady on the second row at the far right – that’s right (I hate to reveal my alter ego) Christina – the one in the $1 aisle.
6) Click the pic and then the vote button. Thank you very much 😀
7) You are now free to unlike

Very annoying I know so I don’t mind if you don’t vote!
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365 day photo challenge September 20

Who are those three lovely ladies on the latest ad for New Zealand’s Got Talent? Why it’s Pigalina, Mummy Pigalina and Pigalina’s Aunty. Daddy Pigalina can be seen politely smiling and clapping.