For Leighton

This week Mr Pigalina has been working late, then getting home and working some more. Therefore all I have done this week is work, get home do chores and watch “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” from 2011. I know, I know, I shouldn’t make you all jealous of my exciting life but I can’t help it if it’s true.
This is why Pigalina has had very sparse updates. Apologies to Leighton my biggest fan. ūüėŹ

Here is the only photo from Thursday – two creatures enjoying the fire during a storm. I’m glad they enjoyed themselves because very little heat made it past them.


Ain’t No Party Like A Pigalina and Pets Party

Friday night. Mr Pigalina is out at a Stag Night and I have offered to be sober driver. I am on the sofa with dog and cat, watching Coronation Street, eating Kit Kat and filling out online surveys for money.

Aunty Em

Emmey (my parents’ dog) has come to stay while they walk the Milford Track.
Enjoy this photo of Tobias’ Aunt as it was jolly hard to get – flashes and light reflections drive her to distraction. There will be no wall licking at my house though!

365 day photo challenge March 6

We went to every pet shop in town and the SPCA today to try and find a friend for Tobias the loner. None were to Mr Pigalina’s liking however. I, on the other hand, fell in love at the first shop. If it had just been me we would now have 2 dogs, 3 cats and a hedgehog.

Chalk Up Another Place I Can Never Return To

Took my dog to get his claws trimmed today. He is very adverse to it and I told the vet so. She seemed in a bad mood at my not having an appointment and also the fact she was being asked to do the duty of a lowly dog groomer. For some reason she chose not to use the muzzle…
How he wriggled as I, his untrained owner, tried to hold him still while keeping his head out of the way. On the third clip he squealed and nipped at her finger. She tried to check that she hadn’t cut him – she hadn’t – and he bit her again making her finger bleed. She was quite angry with me then and told me to leave and that if he needed his nails trimming again he would need sedating and that they weren’t actually that long. (The fact that he keeps catching them in the carpet as he walks makes me beg to differ). He has had his nails trimmed so many times in his two years while putting on a huge perfrmance yet he has never gone so far as he did today. I am NOT paying for a general anaesthetic every time my dog needs a manicure. I can now never show my face at that place again.

I can also never return to is my waxer. When I mentioned making another appointment she said “Just make one when you feel you need it” rather than jumping at the chance of getting more of my money. She didn’t seem to be very happy that I had turned up with pink eye.

Cheeky Cat

It is a well known fact that when you move house you have to keep cats in for about 2 weeks to get them used to their new home so that they won’t try to walk back to the old one.

mrskYesterday Mrs Kensington went missing! She squeezed out of a window. We went to top up their food in the morning and discovered we were cat-less.  William was also missing.  Well!  We quickly called work and said we would be late, there was a cat crisis.  After searching the garden and peeking over the neighbours fences we decided we would slowly drive back to our old house to see if we could see them anywhere along the way.  But alas, we went to go back into the house and discovered we had locked ourselves out.  For some reason we have no key to the backdoor and the chain was on the door at the front.  Mr Pigalina was just trying to shimmy through a window the size of a small tea tray when William appeared, covered in cobwebs.  Well, that was one cat found.  We decided to force the chain off the door (we now have a chunk out of the door frame) and after driving to our old house went to work.  All day I was concerned, what if she had been run over?

Well, guess who turned up in the kitchen at tea-time looking for food, yes, Mrs K.  The cheeky bitch had waited until after I had called the SPCA, missed an hour of work and made missing cat posters to turn up like nothing had happened.