365 day photo challenge August 15

To the victor the spoils. Medal ceremony for Office Olympics today. Team Korea were silver medallists for overall points – here is mine. Bling bling.


365 day photo challenge August 10

After spending all of last night messing about with my sesame seed treats, today was our day for Office Olympics. Korea vs NZ. We had national costumes, all home made authentic foods (except for my hastily decorated North vs South Korea cake below) and Korean tea and coffee yet we lost to New Zealand due to (self confessed) biased judging! New Zealand’s store bought biscuits, barbecued sausages and pavlova gained 4 points more. However we did take out an overall silver in the food challenge.

365 day photo challenge August 9

For the Office Olympics bake-off I was on team Korea. This is my Kang Jung – sesame seed candy. Easy said the recipe. Only takes 15 minutes. Lies! This was my fourth attempt because my blummin’ syrup wouldn’t thicken. I ended up boiling my syrup for almost an hour and it still wasn’t thick enough. Then to add insult to injury it melted into a huge blob in the warm staffroom.

365 day photo challenge August 8

As part of our office Olympics each team has to serve up morning tea with food from or representing their country. Today was China, Chad and Australia. Delicious treats – surprisingly the Chadian food was the most delicious but alas, the flashy nature of the other two teams stole points. (3 photos today).