Op-Shopping in Rotorua

I like to visit charity stores in other towns, you can pick up some great items, like this ornament.
(I didn’t buy it but I kind of wish I had, Mr Pigalina is delighted that I didn’t).
It appears to serve no other function than to be ornamental. Who designs, approves and makes these things?!
If you happen to be in the Rotorua area and want to secure this item it will most likely still be there. Head to the Salvation Army store armed with $2.


Bacon + Maple Syrup + Beer = Delicious?

When I first spotted Rogue Voodoo Donut – Bacon Maple Ale while in Wellington I immediately thought of our Canadian friend Aaron.
Today we finally cracked it open for a taste. It smelled and tasted a bit smoky and there was a definite tinge of bacon. I had expected if to taste saltier.

Two sips was enough for me, only one sip for Katie. Mr Pigalina and Aaron polished off the rest declaring it “disgusting at first – but then you get used to it.” Good to try but I don’t think any of us will be rushing out for more!

Bones I Found

I had thought to do an off-shoot blog “Bones What I Found” because, for some strange reason, I seem to find a lot of bones on my travels. From bird skeletons on the beach, to bones (I assume chicken) on the street and odd piles of hip joints (I pray beef bones left by dogs) in the bush – I seem to stumble across them all. Today on our walk Tobias and I found this beauty.

Reverse Sneezes are the Worst

Ever since he was little Tobias has been having bouts of “Reverse Sneezing”. He rapidly sucks air in through his nose – apparently uncontrollably – while looking both terrified and uncomfortable. Rubbing his throat and blowing into his nostrils is, according to the Internet, the remedy. Today’s bout lasted for about fifteen minutes. He patiently put up with my “fixing” while grumbling in his throat the whole time.

Dog Vomit Central

Every Winter our front lawn gets covered in patches of Fuligo septica – aka dog vomit slime mold. It looks like a party happened in the night and everyone vomited all over the lawn. It is bizarre stuff and can move around (though not visibly, very slowly). We have it in two shades – white and yellow. It took me quite a while to find out what it was from googling a description. I have never seen it on anyone else’s lawn in the neighbourhood which just makes it worse. I feel like people who walk past are judging my filthy lawn.

365 day photo challenge November 28

Went out with the work ladies and the Secret Santa presents have begun. $2 gift was the rule and here is what I got. This has a little peg inside the pink bit which, I assume, is to hold a photo. But what is it? It is in a flowerpot so the obvious answer is a flower. However, why does it have eyes? Other possible explanations are a lolly, a pig or an elephant with the trunk pointing straight forward. Who knows? Probably not even those tasked with making it.

Brocolli Anyone?

Tonight we nipped to the supermarket as most of the things we need were either thrown out in the move or have been left at the old house and we haven’t got round to fetching them yet. We are also back onto store brands of everything like when we were students. Damn you mortgage.
Anyway, onto my fascinating tale. Whilst I was perusing the milk out of the corner of my eye I saw a person approaching. “May I interest you people in some brocolli?” he asked. I thought it was some kind of brocolli rep giving out free samples. When I turned however I found I was quite mistaken. A long-haired fellow, about my age was holding out a teeny, withered floret of broccoli to my husband. Mr Pigalina, polite man that he is, declined saying that he didn’t have any money on him. Imagine our delight when we were told “Nah, I’m giving it to you”, and the green gem was thrust towards us. We gratefully accepted until we reached the aisle with the plants, into which it was promptly flicked.
I would love to be that mad/eccentric/drunk/out of it that I could, without shame do things like that.
Mr Pigalina is also beginning to learn that all my talk of odd people in shops is not lies!