New year, new Pigalina?

OK, 2013’s “Pigalina does new things” blog was a miserable failure. I was really busy. Doing stuff. So, back to the old “Photo a day”! Old Pigalina blog but hopefully new Pigalina life (i.e less drinking, more exercising, studying and general awesomeness.


1 January 2014 = 11 years of Pigalina and Mr Pigalina. May I present our song…


365 day photo challenge December 31

Well, here is the end of my 365 day photo challenge (which actually turned out to be 367 what with it being leap year and with us having the extra December 28th when we crossed the International Date Line).
We spent New Years Eve exploring some more; met some friendly fish about 10 metres from the shore; chatted with fellow travellers as the sun went down; and then promptly fell asleep around 11pm after the lights on our part of the beach were turned off.
Here’s to 2013.