In our effort to get out and see new places in our own backyard, the Pigalinas headed to Silverstream for a walk.
We selected a walk – we were to follow the little red symbols on the signposts and set off. The sign warned that the walk was “hard”. We went up hills, down hills – once with the aid of a rope and across two streams (carrying the dog thanks to the presence of toxic algae) and at one point Mr Pigalina feared we would be camping for the night under a blanket of leaves due to the lack of little red symbols and signposts.
We saw the most fantails we have ever seen in one place. I just about lost it at their cuteness and was over the moon to spot an all black one.
There are a number of other trails we intend to explore, but next time we will take a photo of the map!


365 day photo challenge September 15

I went into Mosgiel to buy cleaning aids (Red Bull and beer) and my good mood – boosted by lamb and pukeko sightings – was quickly soured by terrible drivers. A lady was almost taken out on a zebra crossing; there was little understanding of a filter light and I was almost crashed into by a texting middle aged woman in a mini-van. A plague on you Mosgiel!