365 day photo challenge February 11

Fly new slippers with sparkly claws. From the kid’s section – apparently a size 3. I honestly cannot remember ever having size 3 feet. They were size 6 when I was 11 and are now a majestic 10 or so. Obviously one size fits all.

So Many Movies, So Little Time

Ok, I have been away from my palace for quite a while. During that time I have had a 6 week holiday around the world – watched movies on planes; been ill – watched movies on sofa with the dog; and watched movies with family and friends. Sooo, I am going to list the ones I can remember and give a very brief rating on them all. Because I know you care what I think.

Kick Ass – Kicked ass. Hit Girl is my hero. 5/5
Monster – Spent most of the movie thinking “good for her”. 4/5
Toy Story 3 – Cried like a baby at the end. 4/5
The Runaways – Dakota Fanning is too young to be doing that! Good music though. 3/5
Hot Tub Time Machine – Suprising watchable. 2/5
Sex and the City 2 – I watched only the first 5 minutes – for serious – and turned it off. AWFUL. Didn’t even make it to the awesome Liza Minnelli bit. 0/5
Princess – Watchable – not sure “Lesbian delusions” quite appropriate dialogue for a kids film though. 3/5
Shrek 4 – Mr Pigalina rates it 5/5, Pigalina gives it about 3/5
Camp Rock – Watching it now, its no HSM. 2/5
Bonnie and Clyde – Marvelous, can now see what the fuss about Warren Beatty was. Good to learn the story too. 4/5
A Streetcar Named Desire – Fabulous, can now see what the fuss about Marlon Brando was. Engrossing story, deserves its classic status. 5/5
Cemetery Junction – The best bits were between the Grandma, Ricky Gervais and the delightful Julia Davis. 3/5
Inception – Wowowowowowowowwow. Great effects, great story – THAT ENDING! 5/5

There were probably more but I am hooked on phonics and various TV shows at the moment so this may have been all. Seriously, just follow my above advice and you will be in for some good movie watchin’ times.