365 day photo challenge December 6

Took the dog and cat to the vet for vaccinations. William, our cat, was also diagnosed with an over-active thyroid which causes rapid heartbeat, faster metabolism and weightloss in both body and bank account.


365 day photo challenge April 10

Here’s what you can expect more of now Facebook has bought Instagram for the ridiculous sum of one billion dollars. (Thank you Mr Pigalina sitting through my angry rant about it). Not only can you expect to see your 13 year old niece duck-facing with a beige wash over the picture; those endless photos of people’s dinner and their babies will now look like a hipster vomited some of their magical hipster juice all over them. The kind that causes thin moustaches to grow and t-shirts to become oversized.

(Doesn’t my desk look exciting now?)

Pigalina’s Pride Cameth Before a Poo Evening.

I went to The Warehouse today – where everyone gets a bargain, including me. I was very proud of the top that I managed to get for $5.59. I was so proud that I announced my bargain-hunting ways to the ladies in the staff room back at work.
After work though was when my descent into money losing misery began. First I had a $30 parking ticket wiggling in the breeze under my windscreen wiper. (Shh, don’t tell Mr Pigalina, he will be super mad at me as he tells me a lot not to illegally park in the car park and I still do – won’t be doing so again). This is despite my workmate kindly washing the chalk from my tyre when he went out to move his car having been given warning that the parking wardens were on patrol. (I know, this is my own fault and I shouldn’t moan but those who live and work in Dunedin will know what an absolute nightmare it is to get parked for a whole day without forking out half a day’s wages in fees per week. Even in South D).
From there I headed to the supermarket to do the groceries – always a favourite activity. Having run out of all the expensive stuff such as laundry detergent, face wash, deodorant, and having to buy extra stuff such as dog worming pills and $20 worth of fibre pills for those of use who have an irritable bowel (what? Just sharing) saw the grocery bill come in at $285.74!! I was sweating slightly as I watched the bill grow and grow on the little screen.
So, onward to home, for some reason instead of just turning onto the one-way and heading straight home I went past the turnoff and ended up stuck in a traffiic jam. For some reason, despite there being a number of office buildings with space for lease, one in Dunedin has decided to block a whole lane of one of the busiest roads with a crane to add 3 storeys to its top. This led to me sitting in the left turning lane not moving an inch for five, that’s five, changes of the lights.
Finally home, in my haste to get into the house and relax I hopped out of the car and locked my keys inside. Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh. Luckily I had popped the boot or almost $300 of groceries would have been trapped inside. Mr Pigalina insisted that there was no way to get through to the rest of the car from the boot. Mr Pigalina’s uncle tried to open my car with his keys and a wire but failed. I will now have to pay for someone to come and get them out for me because of course we are not in the AA. It will be just my luck that some South D urchin will smash my window and steal my car in the night thanks to my handily placed keys.

Twas such a small pride why such an annoyingly large fall?