Sauce is a huge part of Nandos’ business – mild, hot, extra hot or the, for weeds only lemon and herb, sauces are offered to you as you order.
I think they got a little too carried away with the amount of sauce they put on my burger today though, as most of it ended up on my hand and the plate.
Needless to say I had to make an extra trip to the napkin stand in the middle of my meal.


365 day photo challenge October 30

So apparently this is how the free newspapers are getting delivered these days. Wrapped in plastic and thrown at each mailbox from a passing car. This Pigalina does not approve. They look messy and, those that don’t get taken indoors don’t mulch down in the rain anymore.

365 day photo challenge October 26

A change around in the office was a good opportunity for me to clean out my drawers and cupboards. Things I found include a party hat from Christmas 2011; a sheet from a “warm fuzzies” exercise where colleagues listed me as thorough and organized (feel the love); a pen shaped like a body part exclusive to males and two boxes of business cards for an office I haven’t worked in for three years.

365 day photo challenge June 14

Had some time to clean out my locker at work. Found some antibiotics that expired in 2010; a child’s t-shirt with Astro Boy on it and a Rolling Stone magazine with Katy Perry in her undies on the cover among the rubbish.