365 day photo challenge July 19

Mum-in-Law Pigalina knows the people who are eating my roadkill cow. It just seems wrong.


365 day photo challenge April 21

Be thankful that when I walked over to take the photo the many, many, flies flew away. It seems that the fresh venison I had been feeding the dog was not getting gulped down as we had thought. He was eating the smaller pieces and scattering the larger pieces around the garden for later.

365 day photo challenge March 26

Mr Pigalina had been requesting silverside for a while as his mum and G-ma always serve it. Today was my first attempt at cooking it. It appeared to be pickled and then I had to boil it. It looks awful and we have been referring to it as “the boiled head”. Which ties in nicely with the movie I watched today – Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.