Lunch With the Birds

Our lunch rooms at work have no windows. It could be snowing, sunny or robot aliens could have landed outside and you would never know.
Today, to take advantage of the sun before Winter sets in, I had lunch in the Botanic Gardens with Mr Pigalina, this friendly duck, lots of sparrows and many seagulls.


365 day photo challenge April 8

Had pizza roulette from Hell Pizza for lunch. They put two drops of the hottest chilli around on one slice of pizza and you don’t know which slice it is on. Pigalina found it first and while I didn’t cry and snot and beg for death as expected it was certainly hot. The residue on my lip meant each subsequent bite of luke-warm pizza burnt the spot repeatedly.
Well worth trying though – quite fun and it means the rest of your lunch is rather relaxing once the chilli has been found!