Exploring the World’s Bottom

On our Labour Weekend holiday we ventured out from our base in Riverton to explore the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand.
The first sight we discovered was a bra-covered fence, not unusual in NZ, with a sign declaring it to be “Tom’s Tit Stop”. We tried to get a good photo but the scary dogs barking at us and the presence of (we assumed) Tom, looking at us from his caravan, led us to conclude that the bras were souvenirs of unfortunate victims of Tom – like Wolf Creek.
From there we visited Cosy Nook, Monkey Island (pictured, top left) and Gem Stone Beach. While we didn’t find any gem stones we did discover a little house tucked behind a cliff and trees above the beach (bottom left).
Lunch was sausages in Tuatapere (right) the sausage capital of New Zealand. Now, I am one who usually prefers their sausages made from fungus (Quorn) but man oh man I cannot stop thinking about those Tuatapere bangers. I need to find a supplier.
From there we headed to Bluecliffs then onto the Cliffden Suspension Bridge, once the longest of its kind in the country.
A very satisfying road trip, ticking off many new places we never knew existed.


Queen’s Birthday Adventures

The dog dictated where we could go today, having not had a big walk for a few weeks. He is not allowed on a number of the beaches on the Otago Peninsula, so we headed out to the area by Port Chalmers.
We went towards Osborne, along a long gravel road. We reached a part where a sign read “Track not suitable for vehicles”. After some deliberation we decided to walk the track to see where it ended up. We were glad we did – it came out at Purakanui Beach and there was a track up to the top of the cliffs that over looked Doctors Point. There were moments where I thought Tobias was about to cock his leg on a bush and fall to his doom.
We then went in search of a beer in the sun.
Hard to believe it is the start of Winter.

Thanks For The Holiday, Your Madge

It is the law that every British citizen must display a photo of our beloved Queen in their home. This proudly hangs in a room at Pigalina’s house.
Today is the start of a three day weekend in NZ, Queen’s Birthday weekend. Thanks for the holiday! I intend to do nothing.