Farewell Sprout

After five years of us living in our house, the Cabbage Tree in the front garden grew a new sprout. Both Mr Pigalina and I were quite excited by this development.
Today we arrived home to find the sprout lying on the grass. It was too high for a person to reach and snap off and there was a longish white hair stuck to it. This has led me to the conclusion that the culprit is next door’s cat. Not satisfied with costing us money and sleep thanks to the beatings he dishes out to our cat in the middle of the night; he has now taken up tree vandalism!
I will attempt to plant the sprout in a pot tomorrow.


Perilous Sunday

Currently I am monitoring a health situation – potential pneumonia. While out for Sunday lunch with Mr Pigalina, I chuckled with a mouthful of food and my mirth was soon over. I felt a pea shoot and wriggle down my windpipe. I coughed and choked, tried to wash the pea away, and disturbed the whole restaurant. Mr Pigalina asked if I was ok, I replied in a wheeze with tears in my eyes “No! I inhaled a pea!”
The trauma soon passed to be replaced by paranoia – Google told me that food in the lungs could lead to aspiration pneumonia.
Later, at home, having recovered from that incident I set about sorting out the spare room. I got a bit distracted by an episode of Misfits and sat down to watch – leaning against a plastic storage cube. My elbows slipped easily inside, and then my shoulders, it was quite a comfortable spot. But then I tried to stand up. I was stuck, it hurt my neck as I tried to break free. I hollered for Mr Pigalina who dutifully trotted through to see what the problem was. He took some photos before freeing me. Here is one – my face has been trimmed out as it is reminiscent of a baby photo that adorned my patents wall where I am laughing so hard I look like I am crying. I am an ugly crier.

Hardcore Sunday Night

Wine and my mending pile, it’s a wild time in the Pigalina house.

I have been very slack lately with updates, that is because it has been the Christmas holidays and Dunedin has been basking in one of the best summers we can remember. Updating my blog has taken a back seat to lying in the sun, paddling in the sea and enjoying doing what I want, when I want. I have already had a week back at work, except there was little to no work to do. Tomorrow though will be the proper start to the working year (hence the mending, can’t go to work all holey) and I will endeavour to be more consistent in recording the fascinating life of a public servant, thirty-something in Dunedin New Zealand. Sounds riveting eh?

Bone Scan Day

I wasn’t brave enough to ask the bone scan technicians to take a photo of me mid scan.
They tied my feet together and put a thing round my arms to allow them to hang by my sides but not move. Then the scanner whirred into life.
The scanner was a Philips, so the same firm bringing us TVs and headphones are also scanning your innards.
During the scan I heard a lot of mouse clicking and lots of “interesting”s. I don’t know if my bones were interesting, or whatever they were quietly discussing was interesting. If it was my bones I will find out what was so interesting sometime next week.

Please accept this photo of my legs ( containing bones) and Tobias’s bony feet on our walk after work.

Wallet Woes

Three people were late to work today due to forgetting their wallets and I was one of them. This lead to a quest for a free car park which added an extra ten minute walk before I even got to work.
Luckily I was meeting Mummy Pigalina for lunch so that was sorted – though i was short changed by a man that thinks “no cucumber” means “no cucumber, jalapenos, olives or carrot”.

My wallet is safely on the kitchen bench now, next to my keys and has a blog post to also jog my memory.
And yes, it is a man’s wallet.