The Key to Getting to Work

This morning was back to work after four days off over Easter. Mr Pigalina headed off by himself while I faffed about with having breakfast, doing my hair, clearing up cat vomit – your standard morning things. As I was about to leave the house myself I remembered that my keys were safely in Mr Pigalina’s glove box, now 20 minutes away.
It then turned farcical – spare key on his car keyring, no bus money, nowhere within walking distance to get money out. That’s OK I can monitor my emails at home. Not today you can’t as your work phone that they send the secret login code to is flat with the charger at work.
Mr Pigalina had driven all the way to work (via Subway for breakfast – I have my spies) and then had to drive all the way home to rescue me. I used to keep a spare key in my wallet but somehow lost it at the dog park. Time to replace it.