New Zealand’s Next Top Model Ep 8

As I am Jaquie Brown’s friend on Facebook I already knew that she was going to be on this week’s episode. (Of her 2659 friend’s I like to think I am her favourite).
Jaquie was enlisted to help the girls with a TV presenter challenge. Jermaine Leef from C4 was also on hand. Appropriately screened on 1st May the start of New Zealand Music Month (even though it was filmed weeks ago) the prize was to be a VJ for a day on C4. The girls had to pretend they were on air with Jermaine presenting his show. Teryl-Leigh went first – sorry, T-L but your accent is not TV friendly 😦 (though nice shorts, I have them too!). Lucy kept looking to the sky for inspiration. Laura looked like a mannequin frozen next to Jermaine as he talked. Ruby was animated and bantered with Jermaine. Victoria tried her hardest but came across so over the top. Jaquie told Rebecca Rose to have something stored in her mind to say next “rather than just giggling”. She didn’t appear to take the advice though still seemed to think she had the “X factor.” J and J did not. Jermaine said he and Hosanna had chemistry and he liked the way she touched him – on the shoulder. However, she spent her time gazing at Jermaine rather than being a presenter. “Too much sexy time on TV is not good” said Jaquie. Christobelle did a good job and was a natural . Jaquie said the only downside to her was that her legs were so long and slender that next to Christobelle she looked like a “fruity freak”, Jermaine preferred “goblin”. Ruby won the challenge and pumped the air in her glee.

Rebecca Rose said that she was pretty sure that she wouldn’t be going home last week despite being in the bottom two as she knew people were praying for her. Now I mean no disrespect here, but it always annoys me when people say things like – like when people pray on the Amazing Race that they will win, or people thank Jesus when they win Oscars. God and Jesus have better things to be thinking about than some people winning some money or a girl winning a beauty contest. Seriously you guys (said Homestar styles).
People seem to have moved from being annoyed by Hosanna to being annoyed by Victoria. None of them really gave a reason why they don’t like her – bad manners was the only real explanation. Laura went to the dentist to get her teeth fixed – not sure what was wrong with them apparently they were a little wonky. Not everyone was excited thinking that it would give her an unfair advantage. Ruby joked that if Laura was getting new teeth she wanted some liposuction.

The girls went to a studio to film a video for the band Autozamm‘s song “Long Days”. They were to be 60s mod dancers and circus performers. There were beehives and mini skirts galore as the girls danced in front of a green screen. Colin then gave Rebecca Rose a leopard outfit to wear, not just leopard pattern – no, no, one with a little hood and ears on it. Just when I was chuckling over that Teryl-Leigh was given a gorilla suit. Unlike Rebbeca Rose T-L said that she could rock it and be a gorilla. Victoria was chosen to be the lead in the video – she was to fall from the hi-wire and into the arms of the singer who she would have to kiss. T-L commented “Every guy she sees, like sees, she thinks is hot so it’s good, like, that she can finally kiss someone.” Ruby and Hosanna were done up like a clowns and the other girls just seemed to have sparkly leotards on. The director thought Ruby and Laura (with a curly moustache drawn on) were great and was frustrated with Rebecca Rose as he had to keep telling her what to do. T-L actually did a good job in her gorilla outfit, drumming with bananas and ooh-ooh aah-aahing.

Quite an action packed episode really as there is still the photo challenge to get through and this week it was posing with half-naked men at a trucking yard/quarry. The men were the finalists from the Cleo 2008 Bachelor of the year competition. The girls looked like they were going to pass out. If it was me I would have kept my cool and said, “huh, they’re no Mr Pigalina”. (A tick in my book please!) The girls were instructed to climb all over the men and treat them like play things. Laura had a little cry as she had a really good time on the photo shoot but has a bf who may not have so much fun when he watches the episode. Hosanna said if it was her she would still be all over the model. The photographer said Lucy didn’t really seem like a model to him. T-L had not wanted to do the photo shoot with the guys and was also worried that she can’t do “the sexy thing.” She looked like she was about to start yawning and check her watch as she posed with the model. The photographer liked her though, he also liked Christobelle, Ruby and Hosanna. Ruby got a bug in her eye during her shoot and she carried on posing with one of the wings in there after make-up couldn’t get it out. The photographer said that Ruby needed to get on the treadmill a little bit. There is nothing wrong with Ruby!!

At panel Colin had a little beard and moustache which made him look like a sleazy waiter or a latin dancer (though I think that was the look he was going for). Hosanna got praise from all four judges. Lucy was not too happy to hear that the photographer thought she was beautiful but not really a model. Colin told her that he could tell from her photo that she was worried about what her boyfriend would think. Despite Laura’s worries along those same line she had a good photo. They told Rebecca Rose that she had made an effort to have a different look on her face but this was a time to bust out her usual look which they moan about every week. How is she supposed to know what to do?! The photographer had said that T-L looks like she is sad, and her photo reflected that a bit this week. Colin said to harness her inner gorilla seeing as she had done so well at the video shoot. Christobelle’s photo was pretty good but her high waisted short-shorts looked a bit like a nappy. Colin said Ruby’s photo was “delicious”. Victoria wasn’t happy with her photo – nor were the judges.
Laura was called first. Lucy and Rebecca Rose were in the bottom two which I wasn’t too happy about. Rebecca Rose was sent home!! She was the most interesting looking girl left out of the whole lot but because she “only has one look” she was sent home. Also she had a nice personality. Boo-urns. It’s a good job that I’m not a betting person or I would be broke by now. On the plus side Lucy remains to represent Dunedin. Yay!

Next week from the trailer it looks like they are at SaveMart (second hand clothing warehouse) – my favourite shop! (Great website btw). They also head overseas where someone’s journey “comes to a shocking end”.

Tiffany, Victoria, Christobelle, Ajoh, Rebecca Rose, Sarah, Rhiannon, Teryl-Leigh, Ruby, Olivia, Laura, Lucy and Hosanna

You can watch the episodes online (NZ only) and see the final photos by visiting here.