Quois Boy on the Plane? Quois?

When I was flying back from Rotorua last week there was an agitated boy sitting directly behind who kept wailing “Quois Mama? Quois?” He thumped the plane wall and sulked about the trip he was going on.
He then proceeded to wheeze and cough the phlegmiest coughs for the duration of the flight – without covering his mouth.
I have a question for him! Why don’t you cover your mouth? I am so ill. I blame him.

(By the way, that medicine is the worst I have ever tasted, avoid).


String and Plastic Are Not Food

Tobias appears to have ingested some bits of his toys, as well as leave hundreds of parts and morsels everywhere. We learnt this when he threw up tonight and the contents included string and little black bits of plastic. No more toys for him!


After two nights of a tickly throat and runny nose enough was enough and I spent the day at home. Slept until lunchtime with a brief breakfast interlude, then spent the day on the sofa watching terrible rom-coms (I Hate Valentines Day) and reality shows.

365 day photo challenge December 6

Took the dog and cat to the vet for vaccinations. William, our cat, was also diagnosed with an over-active thyroid which causes rapid heartbeat, faster metabolism and weightloss in both body and bank account.

365 day photo challenge November 21

Behold the sick bowl. I was napping on the sofa after vomiting up some of my lunch. My phoned beeped and I reached for it and dropped it into the sick bowl that was lying on the ground. Then, as I picked it out, I dropped it in again. That was the end of that snooze.

365 day photo challenge August 30

This is Gus. My dog stays with him when we go away and he and his son stay with us when their humans go away. Gus has been diagnosed with Leukaemia. Today was to be his last day but he perked right up so has a second chance. The outlook is still bleak but he will have more time for cuddles, pats and treats now.