Joe Dirt

The other day a group of us got together as one of our friends had gone wild at a movie sale and bought stacks of videos.  Three were selected: Joe Dirt, Identity and The Butterfly Effect.  We conducted a secret ballot where I voted for The Butterfly Effect.  I would have been happy with Identity too.  However, a cheeky “executive desicion” meant we ended up watching Joe Dirt.  I had already seen it and once was all you need. 

It’s an OK film , it raised a few smiles with me and at one point I do believe I chuckled aloud.  However, that was all.  Joe Dirt is played by David Spade and is a rock loving country boy who was abandoned by his parents when he was eight.  He has a huge mullet which is a wig that is fused to his head.  He cleans at a radio station and they get him on air to tell his story and he becomes a huge celebrity.  The DJ interviewing him is ridiculously rude, he wouldn’t last long without a smack in the face in the real world.  Joe’s story is a big road trip where he goes to find his lost parents.  There is of course a love intrest and a happy ending.  This is 100% a throwaway movie, watch it once then discard.