No Sleep-ins ’til Summer

The annual hatching of the starling chicks in the Pigalina’s roof must have happened while we were at work today. As usual there is one nest above the lounge and one above our bedroom. The cheeping is cute now, but when they get a bit older and start squawking for food at full volume first thing in the morning they prompt the yearly vow that we will block their entrances before next year.
Four years and counting.


Super Fun Afternoon

The Pigalinas spent the afternoon hanging three sets of “jumbo” curtains in the lounge. The ones we bought back in March and have talked about since 2011.
It is amazing how much the curtains have affected the lay out of the room. My pot plants have nowhere to go, the DVD rack has had to move, the phone and camera charging station (every home has one, right?…) is no more and the log basket floats with no permanent home.
Warm though.

365 day photo challenge December 17

One of the houses in my ‘hood. I didn’t want to look like a weirdo taking a picture of someone’s house so not the best angle. A house in my street had a huge, inflatable, snow globe which is what I had set out to get a photo of but it was gone when I got home from work 😦