Whinny! It’s Year of the Horse

Today the Chinese New Year celebrations were held at the Dunedin Chinese Garden. Daddy Pigalina was most concerned about getting there in time to partake in his tradition of mini donuts and coffee while watching the fireworks. The donuts were delish and the fireworks were spectacular.

My fortune cookie this morning told me: “A clever person turns great troubles into little ones and little ones into none at all”. I have been trying to live by a similar motto for a few months now to varying degrees of success. The ski lift is still a large trouble to me, causing great anxiety.

Happy year of the horse! I hope that this year does not leave behind it a huge trail of poo like a real horse.


365 day photo challenge September 22

St Peter Chanel School fair is a must do for many each year. It was packed; I even had to give the White Elephant a miss. This photo, I feel, sums up the essence of school fairs. However, I did not wait around to see which square Lucy pooed in. I escaped the crowds and headed home with my styley new, electric blue, velvet jacket and many books.