Perfect Fit

Following Friday’s dog poo + carpet situation I thought that the best (read easiest) way to get it out of the mat by the door would be to put it in the washing machine.
Alas, the mat disintegrated.
I bought a new one today. The non-slip remnant of the old mat indicates it is a lot smaller than I thought. Not that William cares.


Magnificent Tree

I have finally relented. Mr Pigalina was going to dig out the tree in the front garden about six months ago. I pleaded the puny tree’s case – it had been aggressively pruned, we hadn’t had the greatest weather, give it until next summer.
Sorry tree but there has been not a hint of life these past six months, Mr Pigalina us looking forward to getting to work with the shovel tomorrow.

Super Fun Afternoon

The Pigalinas spent the afternoon hanging three sets of “jumbo” curtains in the lounge. The ones we bought back in March and have talked about since 2011.
It is amazing how much the curtains have affected the lay out of the room. My pot plants have nowhere to go, the DVD rack has had to move, the phone and camera charging station (every home has one, right?…) is no more and the log basket floats with no permanent home.
Warm though.

The Pigalina’s Progress

Having achieved one goal in my life – moving from South Dunedin I am now embarking on fulfilling another – having my own library! Being a nerd child (who me?) I used to play libraries with a springy coat-hanger acting as the stamp. I think I played it by myself… (Someone at work used to play it way more professionally though with tickets and actual lending. Maybe I’m not that geeky after all).
So, here I am procrastinating in a tiny space on the floor in the room that has been designated “The Library”. I unpacked all of the books about two weeks ago and shoved them willy-nilly onto the shelves. I soon discovered that I had outgrown the three bookcases that we had. Today we bought a new bookcase which will house all of the childrens book that I have hoarded since my childhood and others that I have aquired along the way. They will go into another room for when children come to stay. (They never have yet but it sounds good doesn’t it?)
I placed my “Complete Works” books onto the top shelf of one book case, then my boxed set of Lord of The Rings books with my Aragon and Bilbo figurines (I already said I was a nerd). Then I paused. There is a big gap in the middle but what should go there? I also have the complete set of the Harry Potter Books, The Twilight Series and the Adrian Mole books but all of then don’t fit and my Adrian Mole books are unfortunately all different shapes and sizes. Plus, if I dared to put Twilight in a hallowed top shelf spot next to Lord of the Rings I know some people (who haven’t even read it) would be very scathing in their criticism.
So here I sit, wasting time to avoid the rest of my job. I still have to decide how to arrange the rest, Fiction and Non-Fiction obviously but then we must worry about height, hard back or paper back, biography, manual…