Clean Creatures

Having opened the sacks containing my soft toys yesterday, I decided they all needed a good wash.
Here is a selection, hanging to dry in front of the heater. I almost need to move to a bigger house so that they don’t have to go back in their sacks and into the garage.
I am a sentimental hoarder.


Where Did The Time Go?

This is the only photo I have for you today, William in the cupboard atop the pet food like a feline Smaug.
We got home from the supermarket after work, put the stuff away, I brushed the cat and attempted to get the dog to bring a ball back when I threw it and suddenly it was 8pm.
Fast evenings. Do not like.

365 day photo challenge June 14

Had some time to clean out my locker at work. Found some antibiotics that expired in 2010; a child’s t-shirt with Astro Boy on it and a Rolling Stone magazine with Katy Perry in her undies on the cover among the rubbish.