Bacon and the Pigalinas

Today we went on a walk up Bacon Track – from Bacon Street (down there at sea level) up to Highcliff road. It wasn’t long but it was super steep. It was a cruel person who made the fence out of barbed wire so that it was hard to use to aid the climb.
Great views from the top.


Waitangi Day Adventures

To celebrate the public holiday the Pigalinas and Tobias went for a hike up Flagstaff.  (I must say, I don’t recommend doing it in the midday sun, right after chomping down a 6 inch sub and a Red Bull).

The bees and flies found the Pigalinas irresistible in their yellow and white t-shirts.  The views over the city were fantastic and it is always fascinating to see how everything fits together from above; I could almost see my house from there.



Dont be fooled, that says 666.3 metres, not 6663, we would have been waving to plane passengers at that altitude.


After lugging a bowl and water the whole way for him, Tobias chose to drink from a puddle at the summit.  

365 day photo challenge March 12

Nice weather today so Tobias, Mr Pigalina and I went for a walk. Originally we had planned to walk by a stream but changed our minds and decided to check out Nicol’s Falls as we had never heard of them. When the sign says sturdy shoes required do not think your stream-suitable flip-flops and long skirt will be ok (mud caked feet and a pulled groin beg to differ). However, it was good to check out a new place in our own town.