365 day photo challenge November 21

Behold the sick bowl. I was napping on the sofa after vomiting up some of my lunch. My phoned beeped and I reached for it and dropped it into the sick bowl that was lying on the ground. Then, as I picked it out, I dropped it in again. That was the end of that snooze.


365 day photo challenge November 19

Had to get strawberries for morning tea at work and practically all of the punnets contained weird looking fruit. I picked, what I thought were, the best two punnets only to be greated by this monster and its many deformed chums.

365 day photo challenge September 28

You may recall I have mentioned coming across abandoned, bagged, dog poo before. WELL! I have found the meeting place! What is everyone doing? Are you trying to send the Council a silent message that you would like a bin? Why not ask them? I have done so on your poo-leaving behalf. FFS Dunedin take your bagged dog poo home with you – if you are conscientious enough to pick it up why can’t it make it to your bin?
Next time, train your dog not to poo on walks like the T-Man!

365 day photo challenge August 23

I live in Dunedin, New Zealand. You would think it would be pretty clean ‘n’ green, like we claim to be. Well, this is what greeted me as I crossed the road today. I have been in much bigger cities that, by rights, should be worse but put us to shame.

365 day photo challenge April 21

Be thankful that when I walked over to take the photo the many, many, flies flew away. It seems that the fresh venison I had been feeding the dog was not getting gulped down as we had thought. He was eating the smaller pieces and scattering the larger pieces around the garden for later.