Not A Marathon

Today, after work, I decided that Tobias (dog) and I would walk as far as we could until Mr Pigalina finished work – time unknown.
I strapped on my walking shoes, donned my shorts, filled my water bottle, and we were off. It was pretty windy but we battled on, past the sheep fields, litter filled ditches and the scrap metal yard.
I reached the Green Island shops, which from Waldronville is quite a distance (Google map it!) and was feeling so proud of us. Then Mr Pigalina pulled up to give us a ride home. As I stopped my walking app I was surprised to discover we had only walked 3.5km which is less than the usual route! The straight line nature of the walk made it seem further than our usual loop.
At least we saw some different sights, such as this duck on the stream. One day we plan to walk the 13km to Mr Pigalina’s work…


Plan Foiled

Bah! Two days in a row now I have struck this queue of traffic. It seems others have cottoned on to my scheme of exiting the motorway early to avoid the annoying intersection later on.
I had to wait three. whole. minutes!

365 day photo challenge November 24

A few years in a row Green Island delighted me by recycling their banner advertising the Christmas market. They changed the number but not the suffix letters so that the date read “4rd” or “3nd”. This year they have the date correct. Imagine my delight though when I spotted these posters hanging up. Computer made posters.

365 day photo challenge August 14

We have had 3, possibly 4 days of constant rain – I have lost count. The gardens are flooding, the fields have ducks swimming on them and the streams are swollen. Dogs are bored and lounge walls are wet. Enough now please.