Can’t Wait to See The Photos

Yesterday we had a family tea for Mr Pigalina’s grandma. She handed a camera to a grandson and told him to take some photos of the all important cake ‘n’ candle ceremony.
Only I was a camera that was about twenty years old and had no film in it. “It needs film Grandma”.
“It’s got one in it.”
“You can’t buy it anymore can you?”
“Yes you can!”
So he dutifully clicked away. Even got a great group shot of the grandkids.

Apparently this same camera documented their last, two week long, holiday. All with no film in it.


365 day photo challenge September 14

Mr Pigalina’s GMa’s birthday. It is funny hearing her stories of an NZ girlhood on the farm – horse and cart, picking turnips, etc. My Nan was all about painting gravy on her legs to look nice for the soldiers – nylons were rationed don’t you know?