No Blood, All Gore

A 300km round trip to attend a meeting in Gore (we are quite a spread out island). Not a bad way to spend much of the day though, eating pie and singing along to the radio.
You may have been expecting a photo of the giant fibre glass trout – maybe next time.


Where’s My Moonshi-iiiine?

(The unofficial theme tune of our trip)

The Hokonui Moonshiners Festival in Gore is not usually the kind of thing the Pigalina’s would attend but they and Aaron were very glad they did.

For those of you who know Gore, it is hardly the fun capital of New Zealand so we were unsure about what the day would hold. Gore is known for country music, its enormous fibre glass fish when you enter town, and farmers.

An invite to friends on Facebook to attend the event was greeted by crickets so it was just the three of us who made our way down south to find out if Gore could yield some fun times.

It certainly did not dissapoint! What we found was a very enjoyable day in the sun with value for money food – $4.50 Haggis Burgers! $2 Blue Cod kebabs! Cheaps drinks – $2.50 Moonshines! An opportunity to discover some great new music such as The Eastern and Tami Neilson and plenty of characters to amuse us – If you wanted to see a grown man in a Spongebob Square Pants baseball cap, highlighter Animal from the Muppets T-shirt and indecently small dungaree shorts (with one side unclipped) this was the place to be. Let’s also not forget Super Hands who was wasted at noon.

It was also a chance to look through the Gore Art Gallery and the Moonshine museum which is something that I have never and would never have done. They were both rather interesting (and one was a source of clean (non-portaloo toilets)) – A fact I learnt – Prohibition was still in force in Southland until the 1940s.

I highly recommend you attend the Hokonui Moonshiners Festival if you get the chance, take some friends, learn a little NZ history and have fun day out!