Beautiful Coasters

I arrived at work and discovered this lovely gift on my desk – coasters! Kathy was also taken by the helpful hint (as per yesterday’s post) and when her husband arrived home with cakes in silver foil containers she knew exactly what to do! Beautiful.


Scary Stories for Tiny Tots

My sister is having a baby so Pigalina and Mummy Pigalina are in buy-cute-things mode.
I have got the baby the complete Peter Rabbit collection. Then I was thinking about it and some of the stories are quite scary – Peter Rabbit is chased, naked, by a farmer who is trying to kill him; Jemima Puddle Duck’s eggs (babies) are eaten by a fox.
At least it isn’t complete Grimm’s Fairytales…

My mug, on my mug

Pigalina is part of an elite group known as 3mail. 3mail email (between the three of them – geddit?) and discuss high level issues such as political policy, current news stories and the arts. They never talk about the which actors are the hottest; which games they are going to play next; the best strategy to get away with using the only disability toilet without getting caught by the genuine user; or plans around running a saffron farm with an adjoining bookshop-cafe/bar when one of them wins lotto. This is too lowbrow for them.

Today the other members of 3mail presented me with this fine mug for my birthday. Special mention to my new follower Leighton who attended the presentation ceremony in the presence of the 4 ab horses.

As you can see the mug is double sided! One side features 3mail and their significant others celebrating a quiz win where we doubled our money and won ten whole dollars each! The other is the magnificent Pigalina logo. Thanks buddies!

365 day photo challenge December 14

We are doing Christmas Pixies, or random acts of kindness, at work. I am pretty rubbish at it. My person, who loves Pepsi Max, but not Rolf Harris, will be greeted by this Monday morning.

365 day photo challenge November 28

Went out with the work ladies and the Secret Santa presents have begun. $2 gift was the rule and here is what I got. This has a little peg inside the pink bit which, I assume, is to hold a photo. But what is it? It is in a flowerpot so the obvious answer is a flower. However, why does it have eyes? Other possible explanations are a lolly, a pig or an elephant with the trunk pointing straight forward. Who knows? Probably not even those tasked with making it.