Batman Begins

An averagely intelligent man once said that the old Batman films should be scrapped and that the world should start again with this one.  I am in full agreement.  Though my only involvement with the Batman movies is experiencing the distinct whiff of cheese and my husband’s love of Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer version) I feel that that is all I need to know how rubbish they are.  I am a fan of the cool old 60s Batman TV show though. 
Anyway this movie was great, the story was interesting – showing us how Batman started out, deciding on a costume (like in Spiderman) and all that jazz.  It is funny and action packed.  It also has Michael Caine in it who has one of the coolest voices in movies.  Batman is played by Christian Bale who is the best looking Batman there has been (George Clooney my arse).  Katie Holmes did her usual goofy half-grin that she always does and Gary Oldman was almost unrecognisable in moustache and glasses combo.
There was a creepy “scarecrow” too.  The world must forget the terrible past, it’s ok, we can get through this.  We must start again with Batman Begins and all will be well.