Yet another movie based on a comic book that I have never read.  (I was a Beano girl but I doubt the movie would be very good if they made one).
John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) is a chain-smoking exorcist, who has died and come back to life.  He is trying to rid the world of demons in an effort to buy his way into heaven, where he is not allowed to go because he committed suicide. 
The world must be a very scary place if you believe in demons.  Thank goodness for Catholicism’s warped view of the world, without it we would be without so many movies – The Exorcist 1-3, Stigmata, End of Days
Anyway, Constantine gets involved with a woman who is convinced that her twin was brain-washed into jumping off a roof.  He takes a few trips to hell and discovers that sure enough she is there in hell, where she shouldn’t have gone because she was a good Catholic who would never kill herself (despite being in a mental institute).  I don’t remember much else apart from Gavin Rossdale from Bush looking rather camp as a half-breed demon.  It was a bit boring you see and I fell asleep. 
What I did see was alright, the demons were scary looking enough and the effects were pretty good.  Hell would be an annoying place if it was as windy as they made it in the movie.  I don’t like the wind.