365 day photo challenge August 1

Office Olympics! This is China’s human flag. The events included paper dart javelin, rubber band flick archery and wheely chair racing.


365 day photo challenge June 10

After the cancelled flight dramas we finally made it to Auckland and saw the fabulous Lady Gaga. FANTASTIC show. No, I didn’t see her get hit on the head with the pole, but I did see her sing happy birthday to an ecstatic Manisha in the front row and sing and dance her way through a great performance. Pigalina heart Gaga.

365 day photo challenge June 3

Day trip to Naseby with Mr Pigalina, to see Mummy and Daddy Pigalina who are staying there for the long weekend. We tried Curling – M&D Pigalina were victorious. Final score 6-1 :S