Mamma Mia with Mamma

Went to Mamma Mia tonight with Mummy Pigalina and Aunty Pigalina. It was fantastic, colourful, fun and the whole cast looked like they were having the time of their lives. Mr Pigalina is allergic to musicals so he stayed at home.
Highly recommended – 9 shows left!


Hopefully I Can Roll Over Tomorrow

After last week and my first Pole Fitness class I woke in the night, two days later, due to the pain in my abs as I tried to roll over. I thought I would be fine as I didn’t ache straight away.
This week I ached in the warm-up as my poor under-used abs felt like they were tearing! This week I made a little more progress and – even if I say so myself – am pretty good at the Maypole move. Everything else however…

Maxine, Put Your Red Shoes O-on, We’re Goin’ to the Disco

As Wyclef sang ” Just coz she dances go-go, it don’t make her a hoe – No”. Today, with that – one of my favourite songs – in mind I headed along for my first pole dancing vertical aerial dance class.
It started out a bit farcical with the whole class waiting outside the wrong building. Once we had all found the right place it was warm up time – push-ups, scissor lifts and holding a plank position for a minute. What had I signed up for?! Luckily the rest wasn’t so arduous and it was pretty fun. I am not graceful by any means but the stiffness in my arms indicated it was a good workout, which was the plan.


Bingo night fundraiser at work tonight. Pigalina won the first line but nothing else until raffle time where two prizes of sugary treats were won. So. Much. Sugar.

I’m getting a proper “dabber”, they seem to hold magical luck powers; not that 3Mail buddy Loi needed one – taking out the $100 Super-House.

365 day photo challenge December 30

Rarotonga is only 32km around so scooter travel is very popular. There was to be no bus on New Years day and, after a VERY packed bus ride where we thanked our lucky stars it wasn’t roasting hot, we decided to hire a scooter to explore. It was fantastic and we were so glad that we did – we ended up extending our hire until the end of the holiday. We zipped around the back road dodging the coconuts, chickens, stray dogs and cats, goats, pigs and oblivious old men – SO MUCH FUN.

365 day photo challenge October 7

As part of the Otago Festival of Arts the Octagon (Dunedin’s town centre) became the Chalktagon! People were invited to draw something as part of a huge collaborative chalk drawing. The Monkey Business monkeys (in the fezzes) turned up too.