Pigalina, Super Sleuth

Where is the Surface? It’s been a whole day! Where could it have gone? Have we been robbed [of one item only]?


Bones I Found

I had thought to do an off-shoot blog “Bones What I Found” because, for some strange reason, I seem to find a lot of bones on my travels. From bird skeletons on the beach, to bones (I assume chicken) on the street and odd piles of hip joints (I pray beef bones left by dogs) in the bush – I seem to stumble across them all. Today on our walk Tobias and I found this beauty.

365 day photo challenge October 3

Testing a new lens in low light.
(That’s as far as this post relates to today. Let’s read a story)

This is Joshua, so named as he wears a t-shirt that says “Joshua”. My Nan gave him to me when I was little after finding him at work. Many years later I thought about how I came to acquire Joshua. My Nan used to work at a banquet hall that would cater for weddings etc. She found him there one day and gave him to me. Now that I am older I realise that Joshua is NOT the bears name, it would have been the name of a small boy who lost him at the hall. Well boy-Joshua, who went to St Mary’s Guildhall around 1984, you can’t have him back!