No Wheat to Eat

The Shredded Wheat is imported from England with a huge “Only £1.89” emblazoned on the front just to rub in how over-priced they are in NZ. Due to the shortage I have saved some money this week, substituting my wheat fix with a $2.99 bag of rice bubbles.


It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to

Surprise party today to celebrate Mr Pigalina’s Aunt and Uncle turning 60. As they walked in and everyone started singing Aunty N burst into tears. And looked very distraught.
Luckily that passed quickly and the Chinese banquet began. Not only were the Pigalinas at the table with a few children (smaller appetites) there were also a number of fish haters – meaning more delicious lemon fish for us.

It’s a Bit Nutty

Tonight I went to a workshop on substitutes for dairy products (run by Nibl). That homemade almond milk was delish – see ya later shop bought soy! I am planning on making the macadamia nut ricotta over the Easter break, and perhaps the coconut milk yoghurt. Yum.


Sauce is a huge part of Nandos’ business – mild, hot, extra hot or the, for weeds only lemon and herb, sauces are offered to you as you order.
I think they got a little too carried away with the amount of sauce they put on my burger today though, as most of it ended up on my hand and the plate.
Needless to say I had to make an extra trip to the napkin stand in the middle of my meal.

Golden Food in Golden Weather

Fish and Chips at the beach for tea. Don’t worry about our waistlines, we didn’t eat it all – thanks to Tobias deciding that the best route to take to bum-sniff another dog was right over the food. Sandylicious.

Obligatory St Patrick’s Day Post

If anyone tells you that Irish is the sexiest accent, they are lying. There is only one sexy accent and it is called Benedict Cumberbatch.
At work today there were Kiss Me I’m Irish badges and a green morning tea.
At home there was Guinness.

A Passion for Passionfruit

I am a little fussy about food textures – peach and apricot skin? Ick! Squishy fruit bits in yoghurt? Bleugh! Celery? Urgh! (Though I think this is more to do with the earwig in the celery in George’s Marvelous Medicine than the stringiness of it). Therefore it surprises me that I love passionfruit with its crunchy seeds surrounded in slime.
After many weeks of searching they were finally back in stock at my usual supermarket. I bought four and scoffed them. At that price it is a good job they weigh practically nothing.