Thanks Tobias!

Date night for Pigalinas – after a couple of delicious beers and a (cheeseless) pizza in town we arrived home to a freezing cold house. While Mr Pigalina chose a movie I headed out to the garage for firewood.
The side door had come open and somebody has a habit of going in and pooing in the garage.
Sure enough, he had done it again – though it was only discovered once I had walked right across the light carpet in the lounge to deposit the logs.
Thanks mate. There’s nothing like a trail of crap on the carpet to make a date night awesome.


365 day photo challenge September 28

You may recall I have mentioned coming across abandoned, bagged, dog poo before. WELL! I have found the meeting place! What is everyone doing? Are you trying to send the Council a silent message that you would like a bin? Why not ask them? I have done so on your poo-leaving behalf. FFS Dunedin take your bagged dog poo home with you – if you are conscientious enough to pick it up why can’t it make it to your bin?
Next time, train your dog not to poo on walks like the T-Man!