Battle of the Fans

Aaron, has declared that HE is Pigalina’s biggest fan. It is true, he does have the original drawing of the splash page, framed on his hallway wall. Leighton on the other hand gets angry when he doesn’t get his fix. (He may need help).

Maybe I could get he and Leighton to wrestle for the title of biggest fan…


365 day photo challenge November 29

A friend phoned me from another part of the office to see if I could answer a couple of his Hobbit questions. Wonder why he thought I would know anything about it…

365 day photo challenge June 10

After the cancelled flight dramas we finally made it to Auckland and saw the fabulous Lady Gaga. FANTASTIC show. No, I didn’t see her get hit on the head with the pole, but I did see her sing happy birthday to an ecstatic Manisha in the front row and sing and dance her way through a great performance. Pigalina heart Gaga.