Fruit of the Dragon

This week a truly important milestone occurred in the Pigalina household – Mr Pigalina gained his 10,000 fruit chopped achievement in Fruit Ninja, which was the last to be gained.
Dragon fruit are worth extra points. It seems that the supermarket thinks so too, charging $8.19 each. We are yet to taste it.


One flea, $60

Yesterday I thought I would treat William to a good grooming. I combed and combed while he purred and walked around the lounge forcing me to follow. Then, after sticky rolling up some loose hairs I saw a flea stuck to the roller too. Urgh!
So off I trotted today to buy flea treatment for both dog and cat. $30 per packet of three – ridiculous. One little flea cost me loads! Especially when you take into account the treats they demand after enduring the ordeal of having some drops put on their necks.

365 day photo challenge December 6

Took the dog and cat to the vet for vaccinations. William, our cat, was also diagnosed with an over-active thyroid which causes rapid heartbeat, faster metabolism and weightloss in both body and bank account.

365 day photo challenge April 26

Whisky tasting organised by Mr Pigalina’s work to raise money for Cure Kids. Won some meat succulent, delicious lamb medallions (courtesy of Silver Fern Farms NZ) in the raffle and fell in love with the $140 15 year old Dalwhinnie. It shall remain an admiration from afar.