Pole Dancing Makes You Beautiful

These are just a selection of the bruises on my legs from my introductory pole dance lessons.
I have a wedding to go to next weekend so I am hoping spray tan will mask them!


The Climb

Today was the final of my introductory pole dancing classes. I am the most un-sexy, ungraceful, person in the class and today I was clad in a Pink Floyd t-shirt and track pants that I had to roll up exposing the hairy I’m-growing-them-out-for-waxing legs beneath. But I was there for the workout!
I was proud of myself today though as, usually the worst at the moves, I was good at the climb and made it to the top of the five meter pole on my second attempt.
I am yet to decide whether I will continue onto “beginner” classes.

Hopefully I Can Roll Over Tomorrow

After last week and my first Pole Fitness class I woke in the night, two days later, due to the pain in my abs as I tried to roll over. I thought I would be fine as I didn’t ache straight away.
This week I ached in the warm-up as my poor under-used abs felt like they were tearing! This week I made a little more progress and – even if I say so myself – am pretty good at the Maypole move. Everything else however…

Maxine, Put Your Red Shoes O-on, We’re Goin’ to the Disco

As Wyclef sang ” Just coz she dances go-go, it don’t make her a hoe – No”. Today, with that – one of my favourite songs – in mind I headed along for my first pole dancing vertical aerial dance class.
It started out a bit farcical with the whole class waiting outside the wrong building. Once we had all found the right place it was warm up time – push-ups, scissor lifts and holding a plank position for a minute. What had I signed up for?! Luckily the rest wasn’t so arduous and it was pretty fun. I am not graceful by any means but the stiffness in my arms indicated it was a good workout, which was the plan.

Get On Your Bikes and Ride!

Today the Pigalinas biked to the top of Signal Hill. Thank goodness we got to ride back down afterwards as a reward because uphill nearly finished me. (I haven’t been on my bike since well before Christmas – that’s my excuse).
Here is a picture of Mr Pigalina about halfway up; red faced, huffing and puffing Pigalina out of shot.

365 day photo challenge October 6

An inside day, due to awful weather. Mr Pigalina was in tidying mode and sorted out, among other things, the box of receipts and warranties. Apparently we used to own an eliptical trainer. If our love for the treadmill is anything to go by is it any wonder I can’t remember it?

365 day photo challenge May 21

I have been put on what is called a Green Prescription – an exercise plan with someone checking up on me – to fend off anymore meltdowns (though I have been feeling pretty great since it happened!). The treadmill came out of the garage today and I am supposed to go aqua-jogging at lunchtime tomorrow. Apparently my 30 minutes of treadmill action didn’t even burn off one beer. And I am mighty fond of beer.