The Island

The Island centres around Jordan 2 Delta and Lincoln 2 Echo, two clones who live in a big clean, shiny, complex with hundreds of other clones.  Only, they don’t know they are clones oooooooooooohhh!  All of them think that they are the survivors of a worldwide contamination.  Their one goal in life is to win the lottery where the prize is a transfer to “the Island”, the only uncontaminated spot left on earth.  But there is no island!  One clone figures out something is wrong and he and his friend escape.  What follows is a pretty decent action film, complete with miraculous feats of survival.  Not only do they survive getting shot at multiple times, they survive being in a car that gets hit by a truck AND a fall from a 70 storey building.  The end raised a couple of questions but I won’t say what they are lest I spoil the story.
Scarlett Johansson plays Jordan 2 Delta.  Apart from a pretty face and some wanabee-Angelina lips what’s the big deal about her?  She doesn’t seem to be anymore talented than any other actress.  So she was in Lost in Translation?  Who cares?  What a boring load of yawn that was.
It’s good to see us British are still being considered for a variety of roles in Hollywood, playing the villain for a change in this one.  (Ok, technically Ewan McGregor is British but note his American accent in the film.  When he has his Scottish accent you will not fail to notice he is playing an arse).
I also noticed two blatant pieces of product placement, Xbox and Puma.  (See here for more on product placement in movies on The Best Page in the Universe).
All round a jolly fun film, it raised moral questions and got me thinking as well as being entertaining. 2 for the price of 1!