The other day I made a cultural faux pas, but thank goodness the lady was lovely about it. I asked a Samoan woman if she would do the Maori blessing at our staff forum.
My official certificate in Maori culture arrived today…


I Need a Dermatologist on Speed-Dial

We’re all friends here so I’m sharing with you what has been dominating my day today. Yesterday this monstrosity popped up on my cheek. It has now spread to my neck. I am THIRTY TWO not thirteen! If out in public I am wearing my hair down to mask it. When at home the hair is up and I am slathered in potions. It’s times like this I wish I owned, and knew how to apply, make-up.

While we’re on the topic of skin, I also have a rash of some variety on my torso. My GP has no clue what it is.

Such a beautiful lady.

Chalk Up Another Place I Can Never Return To

Took my dog to get his claws trimmed today. He is very adverse to it and I told the vet so. She seemed in a bad mood at my not having an appointment and also the fact she was being asked to do the duty of a lowly dog groomer. For some reason she chose not to use the muzzle…
How he wriggled as I, his untrained owner, tried to hold him still while keeping his head out of the way. On the third clip he squealed and nipped at her finger. She tried to check that she hadn’t cut him – she hadn’t – and he bit her again making her finger bleed. She was quite angry with me then and told me to leave and that if he needed his nails trimming again he would need sedating and that they weren’t actually that long. (The fact that he keeps catching them in the carpet as he walks makes me beg to differ). He has had his nails trimmed so many times in his two years while putting on a huge perfrmance yet he has never gone so far as he did today. I am NOT paying for a general anaesthetic every time my dog needs a manicure. I can now never show my face at that place again.

I can also never return to is my waxer. When I mentioned making another appointment she said “Just make one when you feel you need it” rather than jumping at the chance of getting more of my money. She didn’t seem to be very happy that I had turned up with pink eye.